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Silent Art Auction for Children of the Mekong

Guilin White Mountains (#86) - 80x60 Winter Mountains (#85) - 60x50 - SOLD Guilin (#87) - 80x60 - SOLD Study of Hong Cun (#88) - 60x50 Study of houses in Hong Cun (#89) - 60x50 Li river with bambou (#82) - SOLD Bamboo (#80) - SOLD Li river (#81) - SOLD Lago-di-Lugano (#4) - 76x55 Today (#5) - 101x76 - SOLD Mountains (#7) - 91x71 Tsunami (#3) - 242x111 Winter (#1) - 242x111 Tsunami (#2) - 242x111 Ocean (#8) - 121x76 Pacific (#9) - 101x76 Hebrides (#10) - 101x76 - SOLD Spring (#15) - 91x71 Red (#17) - 90x90 Regatta (#18) - 101x76 - SOLD 49 (#19) - 91x71 Sailing (#20) - 101x76 Mountains (#21) - 101x76 Red Square (#30) - 60x50 - SOLD Nude in Blue (#37) - 60x50 Blue (#42) - 60x46 Snow (#55) - 101x76 - SOLD Pagoda (#58) - 90x90 - SOLD Totem (#61) - 90x90

Wednesday 22nd January 2014
6:30 to 9pm
Venue: Reed Smith, 20 Primrose Street, Broadgate Tower

Proceeds will go to Children of the Mekong's Samrong education centre in Cambodia, to provide access to secondary education to poor family background students.

Since Children of the Mekong is a UK registered charity, all donations are subject to the relevant Gift Aid and Tax Relief as applicable.

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Marcus Fedder
Marcus is a Trustee of Children of the Mekong and a Director of the International Finance Facility for Immunisation. He previously worked in microfinance as well as in investment and development banking.
He was a Vice Chair and Head of Europe and Asia-Pacific of TD Securities, The Toronto Dominion Bank, and Treasurer of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He also worked for the World Bank and started painting at that time. He studied drawing and painting in evening classes at Central St Martins.
In March 2012, he and Children of the Mekong organised an auction of his art and raised more than £12,000 for Samrong Education Centre.

Marcus went to visit Samrong Education Centre in November 2013.
Click here to read his story and see his photos.


Samrong Education Centre
Our education centre in Samrong aims to give access to quality education to impoverished children from poor rural families in North West Cambodia.

The centre provides everyday complementary courses and non academic activities to 153 children and foster 50 of them in 4 foster houses.

Having access to secondary education is a life changing opportunity, preparing our students to a brighter future, not only for them, but for their entire community.

Click here to learn more about the centre.
Click here to read Marcus' experience when he visited the centre.

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