3 reasons why sponsoring a child for Christmas is a great and meaningful gift idea

After a challenging year, Christmas is around the corner. While all of us were affected by this sanitary crisis, vulnerable children all across the globe had to face even more difficulties than before when it comes to education.

This Christmas, you can decide to gift a child sponsorship to your loved ones and give a brighter future to a child in Southeast Asia!

Child sponsorship is easy, 3 reasons to take the plunge

A sponsorship is more than just a gift. It is a long-term commitment. While Christmas gifts are often temporary and only last for a short period, sponsoring a child on behalf of a friend or family member is a lifelong experience. Through the letters they will receive from their sponsored child, your loved ones will be more aware of the challenges some children have to face when it comes to education and will open themselves to a different country, learning more about its culture, economy, and geography.

But what is better than a gift that benefits everyone? By gifting a child sponsorship, you are not just making a great gift, you are helping a child and contributing to the fight for education. Still today, too many children are excluded from the education system due to poverty or difficult political and family contexts. With only £28/month, you can cover all school-related costs and enable a child to go to school safely every day.

Finally, supporting a child through sponsorship goes beyond providing financial aid. During this Christmas season, we want to bring hope to those children and remind them that, despite being miles away, we are still thinking about them. Thanks to the letters they will be sending, your friends or family members will support their sponsored child emotionally in their personal development, motivating and encouraging them throughout their education.

How does it work?

  1. You decide to sponsor a child on behalf of a friend or family member
  2. We send the Welcome Pack by email to your loved one with the photo and information of their sponsored child
  3. For Christmas, your loved one will discover their gift and write their first letter
  4. After a few months and a few letters, the story goes on and both your loved one and their sponsored child will have created a long-lasting relationship!

They received or gifted a child sponsorship for Christmas. Hear what they have to say about it!

My children go to school and learn many things, but I know this is not the case for everyone. That’s why we decided that, as a family Christmas gift, we were going to give a better future to a child in Myanmar. Through this gift, we are getting out of this Christmas craziness where children only receive objects and meaningless gifts. Here, we are passing down important values in our family.” Matilda (mother of 2)

 With Chhuyneang, it’s like she’s my big sister. She lives in Cambodia and sends me letters. She even added some stickers!” Thomas (7 years old)