A Brighter Future for Dong Thap’s Children, Vietnam

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Sponsored children: 1 of 10

Survival in the midst of paradise

Dong Thap Province, located in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, is renowned for its vast rice fields, earning the nickname “Rice Bowl” of Vietnam. The province’s economy relies heavily on agriculture, including rice cultivation, fishing, and lotus farming, as well as providing the home to the Tham Chim National Park, a sanctuary for the endangered Sarus crane.

However, despite its picturesque beauty and agricultural significance, Dong Thap’s residents live in extreme poverty with sparse access to education and healthcare. Its rural and remote areas are the most affected, where traditional lifestyles prevail and the local economy is vulnerable to climate change impacts such as floods and droughts.

The “Dream for a Better Future” for Tram Chin’s children

The “Dream of a Better Future” project targets children from extremely poor families struggling to meet basic needs in Tram Chin, a community in the Dong Thap province. Many children come from broken homes, often living with elderly grandparents who cannot provide adequate care or support. These families rely on agriculture, which often fails to meet their daily needs, leading to displacement and further exacerbating poverty and lack of education.


  • Family Situation: Extreme poverty and economic deprivation.
  • Divorce and Lack of Care: Many children are abandoned and live with grandparents.
  • Insufficient Agricultural Income: Agricultural work is not enough to sustain daily lives.
  • Mass Migration: Parents leave in search of work, leaving children behind.
  • Poverty and Illiteracy: Parents are often illiterate and unable to support their children’s education.
  • Lack of Funds for Schooling: Families cannot afford textbooks, learning materials, or tuition fees.
  • Working for Survival: Children as young as 8 or 10 perform manual labour to support their families.

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Sponsor a child in Tram Chin today!

Making the Most of Your Sponsorship

Your sponsorship enables parents to send their children to school, providing financial support for school supplies and fees.

Your financial support is truly invaluable. Thanks to your generosity, children can access education and improve their standard of living. Beyond financial aid, your sponsorship offers moral support to children in difficult family or economic situations. Sponsors from around the world provide encouragement and a sense of hope through letters and photos.

What Your Sponsorship Covers:

  • Educational Needs: School supplies, uniforms, textbooks, and tuition fees.
  • Transportation Costs: Ensuring children can travel safely to and from school.
  • Family Support: Essential needs such as food, hygiene products, and healthcare when necessary.
  • Holistic Development: Programs for personal growth, including creative workshops and training sessions.

Your contributions help children not only succeed academically but also grow into responsible and compassionate individuals. The program meetings, organized by the Lasallian Brothers, provide educational activities and moments of unity, fostering a supportive community for the children.

Our program managers

This sponsorship program is run by the brothers of the Lasallian Community in Tram Chin. The Lasallian educational philosophy emphasises holistic development, fostering the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth of each student. Through their close link with the local community, they strive to empower students to reach their full potential and become compassionate, responsible citizens in their communities.

The Lasallian Brothers, in collaboration with Children of the Mekong, have envisioned this sponsorship project to offer educational opportunities and support to the most disadvantaged children in the Tram Chim community, aiming to help them achieve a better future.