Fight School Drop Out In Rural Myanmar

It is a real challenge for children in Tedim to go to school. This child sponsorship programme is bringing hope to the community.

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Progress: 8%

Sponsored children: 2 of 24

The challenges of education in a mountainous region

Children of the Mekong recently opened a new sponsorship programme in Tedim, a provincial town located in the Chin Mountains in Western Myanmar. The town is located on a plateau that is difficult to access, in a very mountainous region.

The majority of the inhabitants of Tedim and the surrounding area have agriculture as their main resource. They are all still very traditional, and there is no mechanization, everything is done manually. Even the ploughs, widely used in the rest of the country, cannot be used in the fields, which are too steep on the mountainsides.

The number of children per family is high, on average between 6 and 10 children. The houses are mainly made of wood, with a corrugated roof.



Chin Hills Myanmar

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24 children from Tedim and the nearby villages are waiting to be sponsored.

They are amongst the most disadvantaged and at risk of dropping out of school because of their harsh living conditions. Some of the children live in Boarding Houses to continue their schooling, as their village is too far away from the school.

Help the children of Tedim building their future!

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