Kyauk Tan orphanage and foster home

The Kyauk Tan centre, located east of Yangon, caters to children from communities that live on the margins of development. One-third of the children supported are orphans from various parts of the country while two-thirds belong to the Karen or the Shan ethnic groups in the Yangon region. The parents work as day labourers on plantations and earn 3,000 Burmese Kyat per day (less than £2) or engage in subsistence farming of rice. The children need help if they are to continue their education beyond primary school.

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The Kyauk Tan centre is located east of Yangon, 1h30 minutes by bus. Kyauk Tan programme allows for families living in remote areas to send their children to school. Many of the sponsored children come from poor villages where there are no secondary schools. Children have to walk at least two hours to get to school. Supporting a foster home near a city allows for sponsored children to be close to school. This reduces their fatigue and enhances attendance in class. Living in a hostel during term time allows for better living and studying conditions. Sponsorships help pay for rents and tuition which families could not pay for.

There is an ingrained culture of private tutoring in Myanmar that puts secondary and high school education out of reach for poor children. Once they complete compulsory primary school, many drop out due to the costs involved. To put that in context, while their families might earn 3,000 Kyat per day (less than £2), tuitions cost 20,000 – 25,000 Kyat per month (about £11 – £14) in addition to the school fees of 1,000 Kyat per month and allied expenses such as uniforms, books, transport and more.

The Kyauk Tan centre allows disadvantaged children to continue their education as far as possible. In this centre, there are 2 hostels, that help improve school attendance. One for the boys and one for the girls. A total of 40 children live in those hostels. At the centre, the children learn to express themselves in Burmese and in English and gain many different skills because of it.  

Your sponsorship money will cover the cost of food and boarding, hygiene products, as well as school fees, tuition fees and school supplies.

Your sponsorship will allow students who would otherwise not have the opportunity, to pursue their education despite the odds.

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