Age 18 – Philippines

Ednalyn is in Grade 8. She lives with her sister in a village accessible only by motorcycle. Their mother is a domestic worker in a big city, and their father left to start a family with another woman. The mother earns 3500 pesos a month (about £55) and sends everything she can to her daughters, but they need 500 pesos (about £8) each month just to pay for trips to school by motorcycle taxi.

Ednalyn is a serious student, and obtains excellent results with an average of 92%. She is particularly fond of mathematics and would like to become a police officer, or a mathematics teacher. She likes to sing and has a beautiful voice.


Age 12 – Philippines

Tessy is the second of six siblings. Her father is a habal-habal driver (motorcycle taxi that can carry up to four passengers). He earns between 100 and 200 pesos (about £2 – £3.15) per day depending on the weather and the number of passengers. He has to repay 1,635 pesos (about £26) for the motorcycle every month, which represents a significant amount of his income.

Tessy is one of the best students in her class. She is in Grade 7. Her favourite subject is Filipino, and she dreams of becoming a teacher. She loves sports and recently won 3rd place at an endurance competition.


Rica is the third of four children. Except for the eldest, who is already married, they live with their father, a fisherman, while their mother works in Manila as a babysitter. She sends 1,000 pesos (about £15) every month to her family. The father can earn up to 400 Pesos (about £6) a day if the fishing conditions are good, but his income is dependent on the weather.

Rica is a very good student, with an average of 83%. She is in Grade 10. She loves cooking, especially shellfish, and dreams of becoming a chef.

Age 11 – Philippines


Age 15 – Philippines

Argelyn lives with her parents and five younger siblings in a house that was built by an American NGO because their previous house was destroyed in a typhoon. Her father, who left school after Grade 2, dreams for his children to receive a good education. He is a crab fisherman who earns 150 to 200 pesos a day (about £2 – £3.15). His wife, Argelyn’s mother, takes care of the family.

Argelyn is an excellent student, with an average of 86%. She loves to study, especially Filipino. She is in Grade 10. She dreams of working in an office when she is older.


Age 15 – Philippines

Dina is the youngest of seven children. She lives alone with her mother, because her father passed away and all of her siblings are already married. Her mother had an accident some time ago, and has since suffered mental consequences that prevent her from working. She only receives 12.36 pounds of benefits every three months (about £4.41). They live in a dilapidated house in desperate need of repairs. Fortunately, they receive a little help from a cousin who makes sure that Dina does not go to school hungry.

Dina is a good student is in Grade 7 but she is at risk of dropping out. She loves studying English and dreams of becoming a nurse. In her free time, she enjoys dancing with friends.


Age 12 – Philippines

Joan’s parents are farmers. They grow sweet potatoes and other root vegetables on their small

plot of land. Joan is their fourth child, but will be the first to finish high school.


An excellent student with an average of 87%, Joan is in Grade 7 but is at risk of dropping out. Her favourite subject is Filipino, and she dreams of becoming a teacher.

Roda is the third of five children. She lives with her younger siblings and parents in a house that was lent to them after their own house was destroyed by a typhoon in 2014. Roda’s mother works in a rice field, and she receives a share of the profits. Roda’s father is a fisherman. He also collects and sells firewood.


Roda is in Grade 9 but she is at risk of dropping out. Her favourite subject is English. Her dream is study in university, but she has not yet decided on her career choice.


Age 14 – Philippines


Age 15 – Philippines

Tiffany lives with her grandparents with her little brother and sister. Her parents live and work in Manila. Her father is a deliveryman, and her mother is a nanny. They send 1,500 pesos (about £24) each month to support their children. Unfortunately, at 73, the grandfather can hardly walk anymore and must stay in bed most of the time.

Tiffany is a very good student who loves English. She is in Grade 9 but she is at risk of dropping out. She has not yet chosen a career


Age 17 – Philippines

Kim lives with his parents and six brothers in a one room house. His father, a fisherman, earns between 100 and 200 pesos a day (£1.75-£3.10) in favourable weather conditions. Kim’s mother is a domestic worker; she does laundry for a wealthy family, and earns 3,000 pesos per month (about £47).


Kim is a very good student, with an average of 85%. He is in Grade 11 but he is at risk of dropping out. He enjoys studying Filipino, and dreams of becoming a sailor. In his free time, he likes to play basketball with friends.

Tay Lay

Age 13 – Cambodia

Tay Lay lives with her mother and two brothers in a rented dilapidated house. One year ago, Tay Lay’s father left to be with another woman.Although the family owns a piece of land, they cannot afford to build their own home. The director of Tay Lay’s school, Father Borei, wants to help them. He is concerned about their current home owner’s late-night visits, often while intoxicated.

Tay Lay’s mother earns $4 and $5 a day (about £3 – £4.15) working in the fields, and she cannot afford to feed her family. The church supports them with rice, and recently a COTM-sponsored child received a supplement of rice from his sponsor, which he then gave to Tay Lay’s family.


Tay Lay is in Grade 6 but she is at risk of dropping out. She is ranked 21st out of 39 students. Her favourite subject is Khmer. Like many Cambodian children, she dreams of becoming a Khmer teacher.

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