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Can I sponsor a child for £5?

With as less as 90p a day, you provide access to education to a child in Southeast Asia.


To be able to fulfil our mission to educate, train, help and provide support for young disadvantaged children, we offer the opportunity for individual child sponsorship which is typical £28 a month or one-off donations that contribute towards projects that we are undergoing. That being said, we allow for people to donate as much or as little as they want, and all the donations go towards projects as opposed to individual children.

Every penny goes towards children’s education and well-being; there is no donation too small.

Regardless of how much money is donated, it still provides a child, or a group of children,with a future. It also has other benefits such as it provides jobs through the management and upkeep of boarding schools, schools and other centres that have been opened and are continuously running, meaning that the lives of people in communities are also being changed.

Which in turn ultimately improves the lives of many more people than one would expect. The norm would be to donate once a month to a charitable organisation, each may require different amounts each aiding in their own specific ways. In the case of the Children of the Mekong, it would be to sponsor a child for £28 a month. What you learn as a child will almost always stick with you forever so why not help a child now to learn for the future.

an I sponsor a child for £5?

Can I sponsor a child for £5?

One may consider, how much food can £5 buy you? In the UK it is possible to buy ingredients to cook one or meals for one family for under a pound, and in terms of education, £5 would contribute to providing children with school appliances. Putting aside £5 would impact children in need more than you would expect, just as £5 can buy you more food than you would expect.

It is quite uncommon to be able to continuously sponsor a child for £5 a month as it does not provide the children with enough of the resources they need whether it’s sanitary products, food, or educational resources. However, it is possible to join a group of people and split the monthly sponsorship amount. For example, it’s as simple as encouraging 5 friends to all put in their share of £5, altogether you will be able to contribute the entirety of a month’s worth of sponsorship donations and give a child the life-changing opportunity to go to school as they so rightly deserve.

Nowadays it’s easier to budget and save money, if more people are able to save and set aside just £5 to donate to a charitable organisation the combination of donations would result in multiple life-changing opportunities and would develop projects!

Something is better than nothing

In the case of the projects and the children that Children of the Mekong support, any amount of money still contributes towards helping the children through their struggles and providing them with essentials in life or even a place to stay. Any sum of money can be donated at any point in time and it will then be put towards supporting a project if you should choose to do a one-off donation.

This enables people to see and decide where exactly your donation is going in the Mekong region and what demonstrates what the goal will achieve, whether it is saving children from abuse in refugee camps in Thailand to building an education centre in Cambodia. It is up to you to decide which of the many projects Children of the Mekong undergo that you would like to donate to, to contribute to change and improvement.

Projects that need support

Can I sponsor a child for £5?

In the Mekong region, we have been able to provide support to many children in torn areas where children have otherwise been able to go to school and have the right meant to change their lives. The projects are able to target a group of children in one specific area as opposed to only one child.

The website shows how many children have been supported in certain areas. Almost every country within the Mekong region will have new and ongoing projects that need support and more funds to be raised. You are able to keep track of how many funds have been raised per project and how much more is required to reach the goal to complete the project.


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