Celebrating the launch of our new website!

As you can see, we have finally launched our new website! After months working on it, we are celebrating this big news with a month-long virtual trip to our Education Centres in the Philippines. Are you ready to join us for the ride?

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website! You’ll be able to discover much more content about our action in South East Asia. Don’t hesitate to browse and get to know, in greater detail than ever before, our action in Southeast Asia. We are very excited and grateful for this opportunity to showcase our identity as a charity.

To celebrate and illustrate the richness of resources recently made available through this new website, we would like to introduce you to our Education Centres in the Philippines over the next month. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to embark on a virtual tour of this beautiful country. Here is our itinerary: we will spend this week in Cebu, move on to Butuan by next Monday, reach Dumaguete a week later and wrap up the adventure in Tuguegarao! We hope you are as excited as us! This virtual expedition will be going on across all our social media platforms, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube to be part of the journey.

We often speak of younger children being supported by our organisation. While we do try to get children into the education system as early as possible, we also think it is paramount to help them go as far as they are capable of when it comes to the level of their studies. This is where Education Centres come in: they provide housing, facilities for studying, moral support and personal development opportunities. The goal is not only to help materially and logistically but also allow young adults to grow into responsible members of society. Through this virtual voyage, you will be able to discover not only our facilities but also the students who live there and their inspiring stories. We hope you will join us for the ride!