Congratulations to Taunggy students! - Children of the Mekong

Congratulations to Taunggy students!

This summer, the first group of students from Taunggy graduated. Marie, a Children of the Mekong volunteer in the Yangon region and a coordinator of professional training was able to participate with pride and emotion to this event!

Grace, Lucy, Tang Ja, Kinh Thida Soe and Clare are graduated. Marie, the overseas volunteer is very proud.

The sponsors can be proud of the optimism and the thirst for knowledge of these students, in zones where access to education is extremely limited. This graduation day marks the end of an important step for all of them. Three or four years ago, they arrived in Taunggy shy and lacking confidence. Now, they have grown up. Tang Ja received his diploma with merit and is about to join a leadership programme in Yangon to continue his education; Lucy and Kinh Thida discovered a passion for education and found the strength to try the Matriculation programme again (equivalent to A-Levels), which they had failed four years ago; Grace is preparing herself to become a teacher for evening classes and kindergarten in her home town; Loikaw and Clare Nang Bu want to find jobs as teachers in refugee camps in the North of the country (Kachin State). Six young adults who, thanks to their sponsors, have had the opportunity to continue their studies, which has allowed them to grow and to become responsible adults who want to play a role in their country’s future.

Lucy and her sponsor who came for her graduation – Group photo of all graduates – Tang Ja, Hellen and Thida ©ChildrenOfTheMekong

What an inspiration for other students sponsored by Children of the Mekong! This graduation day was very emotional for them. They have now become a close family in their school. They realised that these big brothers and sisters were going to leave them soon and prepared a little ceremony for their elders. Small speeches, big tears, and memories. The graduates were aware that they were looked up to. Even if their paths are separating, they know that they will always be part of the same family, the Children of the Mekong family. A school year that finished in joy!

Next year is also going is to be busy with graduations! The class going into their third and final year has 8 students sponsored by Children of the Mekong: James Seng Dan Myo, Catherine, Jacqueline, Emmanuel, Monica Htoi Ja, Mary Soe, Theresa Ja Mau Pan et Sui Cer Chin. They are starting their last year with their usual enthusiasm.

A huge thanks for the daily help and for the loyalty of sponsors. The support they bring to these students is extraordinary!

Graduates singing together to celebrate ©ChildrenOfTheMekong