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Sponsoring a child, an educational and helpful gift

Did you know that…. £1 billion worth of toys are unused after Christmas in the UK?

Sponsor a child as a family! Give the chance to a child to go to school rather than working in the fields or on the dumpsite. 

  • Sponsoring a child is an educational and long-lasting gift.
  • It’s a gift that cannot be consumed but helps in the long term.
  • It’s a way to raise awareness of how lucky we are to have access to quality education.

How does it work? Watch this 60-seconds video!


Gift a sponsorship for Christmas

Why gift a sponsorship? It is a sustainable and life-changing present that benefits everyone


  • Access to education
  • Concrete help: food, hygiene kits, etc.
  • Encouragement from her sponsor
  • Lasting support for a better future


  • Her horizon broaden
  • Awareness on the fact that education is a chance
  • A friendship with a pen pal on the other side of the world
  • It’s a gift that cannot be consumed but involves and helps in the long term

It is still a bit abstract for Gaspard, but in 2 to 3 years, when he will be 5 years old, he will realize that he has someone on the other side of the world who is part of his life and who calls him “my little brother”


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In a nutshell...

By gifting a sponsorship, you open the path for your loved one to commit towards a more united world. The sponsored child will be able to go to school and become an actor of change in their country.?

Thanks to your gift, an underprivileged child will be able to go to school in Southeast Asia. Your loved one and their sponsored child will create a life-lasting bond.

Sponsor a child as a gift

How to gift a sponsorship to your loved one?

Christmas gift

1 ⎟Sign up on our website to sponsor a child

Gift a sponsorship

2 ⎟You and your loved one will receive by email the Welcome Pack with more information about the child you sponsor

Child sponsorship as a gift

3 ⎟Your loved one writes to their sponsored child and receives letters too.

Sponsor a child for Christmas

4 ⎟Your sponsored child will be sponsored until the end of their schooling

You can cancel your sponsorship anytime.

Any other question?

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