Giving my time, but why? Inspirational stories from our Trustees

At the occasion of the Small Charity Week, we appreciate the names behind small charities who work year-round on top of their busy lives. Meet our Trustees!

In this interview, Riffi Khan from Sunflower Productions asked Jean-Marc Debricon, Chairman of Children of the Mekong: “Why did you set up this charity?”. His response was simple “Because we can!”.

In this 3 minutes video offered Riffi Khan and Sunflower Production, we meet 3 of Children of the Mekong’s Trustees: Jean-Marc Debricon, Julia Goh and Laure Lagrange.

Discover why and how our Trustees got involved in helping children to go to school in Southeast Asia. Despite their busy professional and family life, they are committed to Children of the Mekong. Their message is truly inspiring!


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Jean-Marc Debricon
Jean-Marc Debricon Trustee