Here’s what our BNP volunteers have to say

Children of the Mekong partners with BNP Paribas to offer volunteer opportunities to its employees. The volunteers are assigned a paid day to help Children of the Mekong. Their volunteer experience starts with a short presentation introducing the charity and its goals. The rest of the morning is spent in the shop, where they help the full-time volunteers with sorting donations and stock rotation. The other half of the day is spent in the office using the skills they usually specialise in at work (ranging from marketing, sales, fundraising, computing, data analysis, etc…).

The partnership has been a great success so far, with more than 40 BNP Paribas employees having volunteered already. 100% of them are “delighted” with their day at Children of the Mekong. We would like to thank BNP Paribas and all its volunteers for their enthusiastic support.

Here's what some of them had to say about the experience:

“Amiable and welcoming staff, who are very inclusive towards potential volunteers/joiners. Would definitely recommend donating time towards this worthy cause”. –Oscar B.

“Children of the Mekong is a well-organised charity with a sound heart and soul dealing with difficult issues competently and efficiently.” – Anonymous

“Children of the Mekong is a fantastic cause aiming to ensure that children in South-East Asia receive opportunities that would not normally be possible. The charity is very well run by passionate people who believe in making a difference. During my day with the team, I have learnt much about the goals of the charity, and it has been a memorable experience.” –Anonymous

“Workers and volunteers at Children of the Mekong are really warm and welcoming people who are trying to make a change for minorities in Southeast Asia by bringing education and support to the children. I highly recommend anybody interested to take a look at their actions, spread the word and participate in their cause if possible” – Anonymous

Thank you for your support!