How my life changed

Van Nhi is 23 and she just graduated. The young woman comes the province of An Giangin, in the South of Vietnam, located in the Mekong delta, at the border with Cambodia. 

Her father’s health is poor, making it difficult for him to work; thus Van Nhi’s family was very poor and couldn’t afford to get her through university, the school fees being too high for them. Here she is, a few years later, Van Nhi’s amazing journey, which she could achieve thanks to her efforts, her hard work and her sponsor’s support. 

“When I was young, my family lived in very tough conditions, my parents had to work multiple jobs to put food on the table. The family’s financial situation was bound to be difficult: my father was a warehouseman and my mother worked in a frozen food factory.  All in all, they had various jobs to be able to support us. However, from the moment I was sponsored, I wasn’t a burden anymore. The day I received help from my sponsor I felt very happy because my life changed completely. 

Thanks to the help of my sponsor, I was able to pursue my studies in good conditions, I could purchase the materials I needed, pay for the school fees and get extra tutoring in the harder subjects. It is because of the care of my sponsor I was able to obtain my Bachelor’s degree, a degree many Vietnamese aspire to. Although I was able to finish my studies, I haven’t found the right job yet. That’s because of the very high level of requirements companies have. Indeed, aside from the university diploma, one needs to pass the State Exams, which will take place next December. 

In the meantime, I have decided to find a job, to help my aunt, and be able to support myself and contribute to my family’s spending. Nowadays, my life is quite stable, and I am very proud to have been able to graduate, thanks to my sponsor’s support. I will never forget what she did for me, God bless her and her family! 

Through this message, I want to thank Helene, my sponsor, as well as the management team of the sponsorship programme, hoping everyone is happy and well.” 

Van Nhi, a recently graduated sponsored young woman