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Visit my sponsored Child

Sponsoring a child with Children of the Mekong is a unique experience and the opportunity to help Southeast Asian children in need.

Visiting a sponsored child is a unique experience

Visit my sponsored Child

By exchanging letters with your sponsored child you will create a bond. As a sponsor, you will receive regular updates on the child you are sponsoring. Yet, after a few months or years of this epistolary relationship, you may wish to visit his country and meet them. 

Visiting your sponsored child is a perfect opportunity for him or her to understand who you are and how much you care for him or her. As for you, it will enable you to see from your own eyes the impact you have on the child’ life. Your relationship will take a turn and be stronger than ever.

Unforgettable Journey

Thanks to your sponsorship a child will have access to education and more. Your impact on his life, his family and his community is real.

Visit my sponsored Child

If you are thinking of travelling in the country of your sponsored child, Children of the Mekong offers you the possibility to meet him/her there. This incredible journey is a memorable experience for them and for you.

Travelling in the country of the child you sponsor is an opportunity to travel differently. A journey with a purpose that has the ability to turn a simple “holiday” into an unforgettable experience.

The meaning of your travel will make it far more rewarding and fulfilling. You will travel off the beaten path and might be the only tourist in town! Without a doubt, you will be amazed by who you meet and what you see. You will be introduced to the local community and connect with the culture in a unique way. 

Visit my sponsored Child

Impact on the sponsored child

All sponsored children are well aware of how lucky they are to be sponsored. The importance you have in their life is crucial. From past experiences, we can assure you that these meetings are incredible for them – an unforgettable experience.

It is very important for the kids to show you where they live and the progress they made at school.

A visit of a few hours will radiate on them for weeks. It makes a real change for them and their community because you are showing care and love.

Visit my sponsored Child

Impact on you

Visiting your sponsored child gives you a better understanding of their culture and community. You will meet them and might have the opportunity to visit their school and where they live. You will get to know your sponsored child better.

This experience will be engraved in you and will emphasize even more the impact you have on their life.

This will also be an opportunity to see how Children of the Mekong volunteers and your donation is making a real difference in the child community.

An family travelled to the Philippines to visit their sponsored child named John.
Roland and Blandine, with their five children and their sponsored child John.

In February 2020 an entire family travelled to the Philippines to visit their sponsored child named John.

“We spent an amazing day with John. We were able to meet his family. We were very well received. The local community, animated by Sister Nemia as well as the bishop, welcomed us warmly with large banners, songs, music, dances, exceptional meals etc.

We even got to visit the school. They were so happy that we came to see them, especially an entire family of 7! I believe it was a shared joy, a strong emotion on both sides.

John was in the middle of it all, kind of the king of the party, slightly intimidated and definitely impressed. We offered him a basketball, as it is the national sport in the Philippines! He was delighted.”

How it works to visit your sponsored Child

Visit my sponsored ChildDue to the current pandemic restrictions, it is currently not possible to visit your sponsored child because most borders are closed. Hopefully, the situation will change soon.

If you wish to meet your sponsored child, this is possible via almost all our programmes. These visits remain dependent on uncertain and ever-changing local conditions (geographical accessibility of the area, authorisation to access the area and the influence of local authorities, etc.)

This is monitored carefully to protect the organisation’s ability to keep working in these areas.

If you wish to visit your sponsored child’s programme, please contact Eugenie at at least 2 months before your departure date to make all the necessary arrangements.

How long does the visit take ?

Visit my sponsored ChildGenerally, your visit can not last more than half a day as we do not want to keep the child away from his usual occupations for too long – e.g. school or his daily activities/chores. He/she might be shy and we would not want him/her to be overwhelmed.

Understandably, the Children of the Mekong volunteers/translators have many tasks to perform during the day and can’t spend a full day for the visit. It might seem like a small amount of time but it is in fact plenty to spend quality time. 

You can bring them a little present if you wish to. Once you are there, we also recommend you to connect with our local programme manager and query what would be helpful for the child, the family and the community. This will be the perfect opportunity to discover the local market while buying what is needed.

Are you ready to travel in the country of your sponsored child ?

Visit my sponsored Child

If you are planning to travel to the country of your sponsored child it is well worth contacting Children of the Mekong to organise a meet up with your child.

It will need some organisation from all sides and therefore we need a few weeks heads up, but it will definitely be an unforgettable experience, for you and the child you sponsor.

This meeting in person will be an experience that you won’t regret and might even want to organise again in the future!

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