How we select scholars in the Philippines - Children of the Mekong

How we select the scholars who live in our education centres in the Philippines

Children of the Mekong runs 11 education centres across Southeast Asia, 4 of which are located in the Philippines: in Butuan, Cebu City, Dumaguete and Tuguegarao. They each house 30 to 50 students, hereby allowing them to attend university.

For financial, family or geographical reasons, many promising students are not able to continue their studies. Being accepted in one of Children of the Mekong’s education centres allows them to go on to university without having to worry about their day-to-day life.

Living in an education centre is not only the opportunity to gain independence but also to learn how to live with others while attending university. This, in turn, grants students the hope of a better future and the capacity to help their family and their country. Unfortunately, for some young people, it is also a way to distance themselves from an abusive or dysfunctional family.

Each year, between January and March, the selection process goes on in each of the four centres in the Philippines, that’s when the class of students for the next year is chosen.

Children of the Mekong runs 4 centres in the Philippines

ROLANDO, student at the Butuan Centre

Rolando was selected this year to join Children of the Mekong’s education centre in Butuan.

Rolando is 19 years old. Ever since he was young, he has been neglected by his parents and abused by his relatives. Very early on, he had to work to earn a little bit of money by working after school at the dumping ground, where he sorted garbage, which was the only way for him to eat.

His drive and motivation to keep on studying and strive for a better life is truly outstanding and inspiring. 


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