I wish everyone a future like mine

Today we are proud to present the testimony of Ninh Hoang Thi, an unbelievable woman, who has been achieved these dreams thanks to her sponsor.

A few words from Ninh Hoang Thi

Ninh Hoang Thi, 23 years old comes from Haiphong in Northern Vietnam and was sponsored during her years of education through Children of the Mekong.

She wrote a letter in which she says :

I am very honored to share with you my story, full of happy and less happy moments. Much of my childhood was very peaceful, and I feel very grateful for that.”

When she was 17, her mother fell gravely ill, and this made life more difficult for Ninh Hoang Thi. I didn’t have enough money to go to school, so I stopped going. She had to put a hold on her education in order to provide for her family and fulfil their basic needs.

It was at this time in her life that she was told about Children of the Mekong. She was lucky to find a sponsor who funded her education and allowed her to go back to school. Mrs Danièle sent me money every month, she became my second mother.


The letter from Ninh to her sponsor




A wonderful career as a TV journalist : Congratulations to her!

Ninh on her TV show


Thanks to her sponsorship, Ninh Hoang Thi finished high school and graduated in excellent condition after four years at the Hai Phong University, where she majored in English.

She helped me graduate in good conditions. I have a bachelor’s degree from Hai Phong University and I majored in English. I’m now a TV journalist on the Hai Phong channel (THP). I got married 5 months ago and I am expecting my first child!

As you can see, she now has a very successful career and was able to find this job of her dreams. All this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for her sponsor who not only funded her education but made Ninh Hoang Thi believe in herself and her abilities to succeed, and follows her dreams.

Today, Ninh is a happily married woman : We wish her all the best!

Ninh Hoang Thi is now happily married with a successful career ahead of her. She wanted to wholeheartedly thank her sponsor yet again for making this possible.

With my new job and my good living conditions, I really wanted to say how grateful I am for my sponsor and for Children of the Mekong. I am very lucky, and I wish to many other children to meet good people, as I did, who will allow them to hope for a future like mine!”


Ninh and her husband

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of children who are in the situation that Ninh Hoang Thi was in at first and who aren’t able to get help.

Every day hundreds of children who should be in school work in the fields or in other jobs to help their family!

You can help them by sponsoring a child today.

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