I wish everyone a future like mine

Testimony of Ninh Hoang Thi, 23, from Haiphong, in Northern Vietnam who was sponsored through Children of the Mekong.

“I am very honoured to share with you my story, full of happy and less happy moments. Much of my childhood was very peaceful, and I feel very grateful for that.

When I was 17, my mother fell gravely ill, that’s when life became more difficult. I didn’t have enough money to go to school, so I stopped going, to be able to fulfil the basic needs of my family. That’s when my path crossed Children of The Mekong, I was lucky and got a sponsor who sent me some money, that way I could go back to school. Mrs Danièle sent me money every month, she became my second mother. 




She helped me through four years of University and thanks to her, I was able to graduate in good conditions. I have a bachelor’s degree from Hai Phong University and I majored in English. I’m now a TV journalist on the Hai Phong channel (THP). I got married 5 months ago and I am expecting my first child!





With my new job and my good living conditions, I really wanted to say how grateful I am for my sponsor and for Children of the Mekong. I am very lucky, and I wish to many other children to meet good people, as I did, who will allow them to hope for a future like mine!

Thank you so much once again,

Ninh Hoang Thi “