Join the adventure of child sponsorship with Children of the Mekong & Le Petit Depot!

Since 2017, Le Petit Depot has been working alongside Children of the Mekong so that the 110 schoolchildren at the Sisophon centre in Cambodia can go to school!

This year, get involved with us!

By sponsoring a child, you will enable them to go to school in Southeast Asia ( Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines) and their avatar will join the virtual classroom below! 20 children are waiting for you 😊

Grace is sponsored, a huge thank you to her new sponsor!


Sponsoring a child is S$50 per month. Depending on the needs of the sponsored child, your sponsorship can finance school supplies and uniforms, school transport, extra lessons and hygiene kits.

Part of the sponsorship can also be used to buy food for the family. You are therefore providing valuable help that benefits the whole family. Find out more about child sponsorship.

Sponsor a child in 4 steps!

Step 1: I embark on child sponsorship