London Event: A Night Along The Mekong

On May 18th, 2023, Children of the Mekong organised an event to gather sponsors and supporters in Central London.

Annual Welcome Event

On the 18th of May, Children of the Mekong hosted its annual welcome event « A Night Along the Mekong » in London, at the French Protestant Church. The event—organised for sponsors and their friends and families to meet each other and receive updates from the Children of the Mekong team—saw around 40 attendees and led to two new sponsorships.

May 2023 event

A Night Along The Mekong

Our lovely evening began with presentations and speeches from our COO, Eugenie, as well as our volunteers, Kaede and Daline, who updated our sponsors about the progress Children of the Mekong has made over the year. While 75% of our sponsored children’s parents never learned to read or write, we guarantee that all of our children are currently learning these skills thanks to sponsorships.

Through a series of videos, attendees entered the world of our boarding houses in Vietnam, hearing directly from the teachers about the importance for children to go to school.

Sponsors, additionally, were offered an insight into what meeting your sponsor child is like, through a video of Alex Sattler, who we flew out to Cambodia to meet his child, a curious and bubbly 9-year-old Khmer boy named Ponleap.

To top it all off, Children of the Mekong surprised attendees with a video call with Elisa Borreza, a long-time friend and alumni of the organisation. Sponsored as a young girl, Lisa shared her inspiring story with our guests, from working for our offices in the Philippines to now living in Somerset with her husband and their little girl. She, herself, sponsor a child in the Philippines today.

The rest of the evening was enjoyed through drinks and delicious Khmer food prepared by our chef from Kampuchea, TJ. Over soft jazz music, our guests had the opportunity to pick up some bracelets and leaflets from Kaede and Valantine’s stand, or to simply socialise amongst each other.

Children of the Mekong can continue and broaden its horizon to fund and provide
education for children in Southeast Asia thanks to events like this, which invite
attendees to spread the word about our mission.

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Drinks event London May 2023

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