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Do you remember Kosal? This gentleman was one of our first scholars in 2017.

Kosal, his mother and sister in front of their house CambodiaKosal comes from a farmer’s family in Cambodia. He has 4 brothers and sisters. Without the support of Children of the Mekong, he would have never been able to receive higher education.

Kosal got sponsored by Children of the Mekong for his studies at the University. He moved to Phnom Penh to study Agro Engineering. He was welcome at the centre Docteur Christophe Merieux, where he benefited from accommodation and food, but also a holistic self-development training run by Children of the Mekong.

Because he was sponsored, he could pursue his studies. He is very grateful to his sponsor from France.

Kosal in Phnom PenhIn 2017, Kosal was selected among all the students of the Centre Merieux to come to London for the Children of the Mekong London Scholarship Programme. After his stay in London, Kosal returned to Cambodia. He now works as a CAD operator for Daiho Corporation, a Japanese Construction Company.

He contacted us on the occasion of Pchum Ben, a Cambodian religious festival, where families gather to spend time together and offer food and gifts to monks.

“My family and I are fine. My new job in my hometown is going well”.

It seems that Kosal has a good influence on his family: one of his younger brothers has decided to continue his studies as an electric engineer at the same university where he studied (ITC). His younger sister too is following in the footsteps of her big brother. Kosal writes:

“Next to me is my youngest and dearest sister. She grown up a lot. She starts 6 grade in November.”

We are delighted to see that Kosal is inspiring his younger brother and sister to continue their education. Together, we’re certain they will achieve great things. We wish them the very best!

Watch Kosal's inspiring story

We are grateful to Riffi Khan from Sunflower Production for making this video of Kosal’s inspiring story.