Our meeting with our sponsored child Vichika!

Kendall, Jonathan & Hugo are on a world tour with their family. They have been sponsoring the education of a little Cambodian girl, Vichika for 3 years and they took advantage of their stay in Cambodia to meet her!



Vichika lives at the Children of the Mekong school in Preah Vihear, in the north of Cambodia. For the occasion, she invited her sponsoring family to her own family’s house!

Vichika and Hugo

Our son asks us every day to go and see Vikicha! 

Girl's education in Cambodia

Kendall and Jonathan says: “We have been Vichika’s sponsors for 3 years. So when we decided to go on this trip, we said to ourselves that we absolutely had to go to Cambodia to visit her. And here we are a few months later!

We arrive at her house and are warmly welcomed by her entire family. But no Vichika. We do not see her… Her mum tells us that she will be back from school any minute. So we wait, brimming with excitement and feeling impatient! And she arrives, all beautiful in her school uniform, with a huge smile on her face. The initial “hello’s” are a bit shy but after a few moments, their tongues are loosened. We move into their living space and Vichika unwraps the little presents we have brought her. Her face lights up even more! We brought card games and a Mikado, an opportunity to spend some great moments with her and her family. We start with the Mikado game and Vichika loves it! Her mother too!



Lunchtime arrives and we share the meal with the whole family. The language barrier is frustrating because we want to ask her a million things! But no problem, the looks and smiles are easily understandable. We continue the whole afternoon playing! Her friends join the party for even more laughter and excitement. It leaves us speechless to see the joy of life of these girls when we see their very precarious living conditions. A beautiful lesson of life!

Playing a game with Vichika in Cambodia

Relationship with education child sponsorship child

It’s 2.30 pm and even though it’s time to say goodbye, we do not want to leave. We take her in our arms for a last hug, Hugo gets tons of kisses, and we get back in the car. On the way back we repeat the day in a loop! This unforgettable day will remain engraved in our memories.

Thanks again to Tchou, the centre manager, and to Marguerite and Paul, Enfants du Mekong who organised this memorable day for us!


Kendall, Jonathan & Hugo

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