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The Pandemic and Political Turmoil Have Put Myanmar in Dire Poverty.

In Myanmar, the number of people living on less than $1.90 per day has increased from 16% to 63%.


Since February 1st, 2021, the day of the Coup D’etat, Burmese people have reacted with peaceful protests.

A sister kneeling in front of the police, Myanmar (Burma)
Sister  Ann Nu is kneeling in front of the police.

The movement stemmed from doctors and medical staff a few days after the Coup; it was embraced by many service industries including banks, railway and power companies, and many others (teachers, shopkeepers, craftsmen). Unfortunately, this has led to a nationwide shut-down and as each day goes by, the military strengthens its grip and Myanmar is slowly plummeting further towards a civil war.

Despite military pressure, many civilians have quit their jobs to protest and find themselves with no income. The negative impact of the Pandemic restrictions also contributes to the worsening economic situations.

Between January and October 2020, the number of people living on less than $1.90 per day has risen from 16% to 63%.

In Yangon, Mandalay, and small cities, some of our local programme managers have implemented nutrition and hygiene projects which focus on providing families with food and essentials – rice, oil, eggs, condiment- and hygiene products.


With £50, a family of four people can be fed for one month (which represents the purchase of 85 kg of rice)

Our principles- being helpful and use our discernment in the field:

  • Wider Reach: We continue to focus on responding to the needs of sponsored children and their families; however, we can also extend this support to the wider community when affected. If there is a reliable local leader, we can offer long-term assistance. 
  • No Duplication of Effort: Ensure aid is not already locally available.
  • Working Towards Sustainability: We work towards a sustainable solution. 
    (“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”)


A distribution of basic supplies in Myanmar (Burma)

A distribution of basic supplies in Myanmar.

A family is being given food supply, Burma (Myanmar)

A distribution of food supply in Myanmar.

A distribution of food supply in Myanmar (Burma)

A distribution of food supply in Myanmar.

A distribution of rice and basic supplies in Myanmar (Burma)

Our staff distribute rice and basic supplies to communities.

Eugenie Munakarmi
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