New Boarding House In The Chin State in Myanmar

The Chin State is the poorest state in Myanmar. Many pupils leave school at a young age to help in the fields or to work. Building a new boarding house will enable young people to attend secondary school in Calthawng.

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Progress: 30%

Funds raised so far: 13 000,00 € of 42 558,00 €

There has been a state-run sixth form school in Calthawng since 2017, the only one in the area. Pupils who live out in the countryside thus need a base in Calthawng if they want to study for the local equivalent of A-levels (Matriculation). Many need to board full-time as their parents are typically away working in the fields from Monday to Saturday.

These Chin State economic difficulties are compounded by the weakness of education provision in Myanmar. With its emphasis on rote learning, pupils learn long texts by heart without understanding what they mean. In 2019, the Matriculation pass rate in Chin State was under 20%, compared with a national average, itself low, of 31%.

Calthawng, Myanmar (Burma)

Father Joseph

Young people move to boarding houses with the hope to improve their educational prospects. There they benefit from the support of a teaching assistant who can help with homework, and from supplementary courses which are intended to fill gaps in their knowledge.

Father Joseph Aung Lwin runs a boarding house there. In 2020 he took in 30 young people. Unfortunately, the building is old and decrepit, and lacks adequate sanitation or an adequate electricity supply.

Father Joseph wants to tackle these problems by:

  • Building a new boarding house
  • Equipping it with four WCs, two bathrooms and new solar panels

Among the beneficiaries of this project are the children of Calthawng, for whom most of their parents work in the fields from Monday to Saturday, leaving the children alone at home; and, on the other hand, children from neighboring villages who will join the shelter on weekdays to attend Calthawng High School.

Father Joseph estimates each year at least 30 children, boys and girls, who will benefit from the shelter and its facilities.

Father Joseph is a trusted and well-known partner to Children of the Mekong. He has already taken the lead on a similar project in another village in the region.

Myanmar Calthawng pupils

Calthawng, Myanmar

The interior of the classroom

Boarding House

The current boarding house 

Calthawng, Myanmar

The interior of the classroom