We are all Fans of the Samrong Education Centre

In the Oddar Meanchey province, where the Samrong Education Centre is located, it is over 36°C in the shade from March until May. In this context, cooling fans have become a necessary addition to the classrooms.

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In Cambodia, there are only two seasons: the dry season from November to May and the monsoon from June to October. The weather is especially hot from March until May, with temperatures often above 36°C. This makes it very difficult for the students to be able to focus during class.

At the Samrong centre, children in secondary school are able to study in good conditions, 147 students receive tuitions, and 82 of them are sponsored and live in the 4 foster houses of the centre. 

Along with the teachers who will also be able to teach in better conditions, there will be over 150 beneficiaries from this project! 

Indeed, the aim is to be able to install ceiling fans in classrooms and in the foster houses, as well as have a wall fan in each of the 6 classrooms, mostly for the teachers. This way the boarders will be able to have better quality sleep, both because of the breeze and thanks to the fans driving away some of the mosquitoes at night. The conditions of teaching and learning will definitely be improved as well. It seems like such a simple solution to many problems, so let’s make it happen! 

The goal is to be able to provide 38 fans, at an average cost of £21.50 each, as well as finance the installation and a security margin. Overall, the budget for this project is only £1,080 and it has the potential to increase significantly the quality of life and the ability to study for 150 students. 

A classroom of the Samrong Education Centre

The classroom building of the Samrong Education Centre

A classroom at Children of the Mekong's Preah Vihear Education Centre, a good representation of what classrooms in Samrong could soon look like!