"Two thirds of children in South and West Asia are not learning the basics in reading and maths, whether they are in school or not."

"One in four young people in poor countries are unable to read a single sentence, affecting one third of young women in South and West Asia."

"it will take until 2072 for all the poorest young women in developing countries to be literate. The disadvantaged – girls and those in poverty – are being left behind"

11th Global Education Monitoring Report, UNESCO

The global learning crisis is real. We meet hundreds of children who are being deprived of learning because they cannot afford to pay for extra tution or other associated costs. We don't think that's fair. 


Our parent charity finances ten education centres in Southeast Asia. Funds raised in the UK mainly go towards Samrong education centre, located in Northwest Cambodia. We also support the Dumaguete education centre, in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines and other projects when possible.


Our education centre in Samrong, Cambodia provides free after-school tuition, extracurricular activities and social support to children from impoverished families.

It currently caters to 175 children

Samrong is the capital city of Otdar Meanchey province (‘OM’), located in remote Northwest Cambodia. It was the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge and the most landmine-ridden area of the country. Educational opportunities for children in the region are severely limited.

Our education centre in Samrong was opened in 2006. The centre provides

  • accommodation during term-time (only when homes are too remote)

  • tuition

  • extracurricular activities

  • various types of material support (food, hygiene products, school uniforms, school supplies and medical care)


Applicants to the centre are selected based on their family’s economic situation, their personal motivation, and their academic achievements.


We're proud to say that our approach works. It is a privilege to see these children blossoming and living up to their full potential. Our impact is measured in academic achievements, academic advancement, and the self-development of the children. An M&E report detailing the results is published yearly.  

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