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Welcoming young people in education centres and boarding houses is a strategic focus of Children of the Mekong. A centre is a place of education, offering the children complimentary courses, as well as a secondary home. The use of foster homes is sometimes necessary for reasons such as distance from school, the necessity for a secure environment, or the disappearance or loss of parents.

The success of such an approach is obvious from a practical perspective: A sponsored child who stays at a Children of the Mekong education centre will most likely have better academic results. Studying in the spirit of brotherhood or sisterhood, he/she becomes more open, motivated and fulfilled.


Education goes far beyond simple schooling. Children of the Mekong’s ambition is to educate the mind, the heart and the body. As such, our educational project seeks to impart not only on academic and professional knowledge but also to develop the person as a whole -a real uniqueness of our NGO. The training follows a rigorous pedagogical approach and specific training modules to develop all dimensions of the human as a person.

And it works! Three indicators of our action in Cambodia:

  • 98% pass the baccalaureate (equivalent to A-levels) (national average 64%).
  • 100% of our children end up in a better environment than their families can provide.
  • 100% of our graduates find a local job or a scholarship abroad within 4 months of the end of their studies.


Han, sponsored child at the Samrong Education Centre in Cambodia

I am 17 and I live with my grandparents in my village as my mother is in Thailand. My family is very poor, and my mother told me: “I don’t have any money to give to you, so you have to study and find the money yourself”.

I am in Grade 12 and have been at the centre since I entered Grade 7. When I was in my village, I didn’t have any friends and I used to play with the boys. Ever since I arrived at the centre, I have gained brothers and sisters, many nice friends. The food is very tasty. I can play many games, but even better, I can study, especially English, which is a subject I didn’t know before, I find it very fun.

Children of the Mekong is teaching me how to become a better person, how to study well to have a beautiful future and a great job when I will finish my studies. Finally, I want to thank you, you and Children of the Mekong for your help.

Our current centres that need your support

Progress: 50%

Funds raised so far: £22,884 of £44,991

Progress: 50%

Funds raised so far: £14,190 of £28,330

Progress: 61%

Funds raised so far: £5,500 of £9,000

Célestins Fund

We are sponsoring a cohort of student at the Christophe Mérieux Centre in Phnom Penh. What a joy to be able to follow these deserving young people, being concern of their joys, their concerns, and their professional orientation choices! We are always so excited to receive regular news from the young people at the centre; their perseverance and thirst for learning are a real inspiration! We were able to go there, and it was a wonderful meeting. We hope to be able to return to the centre for their graduation ceremony. Congratulations to everyone at Children of the Mekong!”

Gaillard Family, Célestins Fund

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