Email Your Sponsored Child



Girl holding letter from her sponsorWhen you sponsor a child, your moral support through letters is almost as important as your financial support.

We have developed an innovative digital tool that is specially designed for exchanges between you and your sponsored child. You can therefore now send emails to your sponsored child.

How does it work?

You simply need to write your letter to the following email address: ✍️

We send the letters to our Correspondence Committee in the country of your sponsored child. They will translate it (excluding the Philippines), print it, and then send it to your sponsored child via our local managers.
This process still takes a few weeks, but it is shorter than the usual time it takes to send by post. It also guarantees that it will reach your sponsored child.

If you prefer so, you can also continue sending your letters by post.

Please note:

  • Put the child reference and programme number in the subject of the email
  • Your letter must be written in the body of the email
  • You can attach up to three photos.

Your sponsored child will send you letters that are scanned directly to your email as well as via post.

Sponsored girl receive a letter

So, get typing! Your sponsored child will be thrilled to hear from you.