Success at the British 10k!

A big thank you to our runners for participating in the British 10k 2018.

The run took place on July 15th at 9.30am. Along with other amazing TicTrac runners, Children of the Mekong charity shop intern, Olivier Bogino ran the 10k to help raise funds for Children of the Mekong.

A lot of people were there mostly to have fun and run for charity. Seeing everyone running together with me, I was really focused on the race and really happy to do it

Our 17 runners followed the track that began on Regent’s Street, looped around the most scenic areas in London and finished in Westminster.

Children of the Mekong runners raised £3000 for the Samrong Education Center in Cambodia.

I’m motivated to try again and I would like my friends to join me. I’d also like to see a few more business groups sign on to run the race and fundraise for the education center in Cambodia. Seeing everyone’s colourful shirts highlighting the 1000s of different important causes people choose to support is inspiring—big and small organisations with people both in the UK and around the world benefitting makes the British 10k an awesome global event!

Kenda Cunningham

Children of the Mekong looks forward to participating in next year’s British 10k.

Until next time, runners!