Kiran Pereira

Trusts & Foundations Officer

Allegra Palu

Volunteer – Project Manager


I’m an international student!

I’m from Italy, I studied digital marketing at university and now I’m here to implement my competence and, of course, improve my English!


This internship is also an opportunity for me to help children and join a charity. I always like to help others.

Vincent Lagache

Volunteer – Project Manager

Hi there,


I am currently studying for a master's degree in business school in Bordeaux.

I study strategy, finance, commerce, and management.

I have had several volunteering experiences in the past or at school, so this experience immediately seemed interesting to me.

Moreover, London is a big capital city full of resources and culture. I could also improve my English here.


Many children do not have the chance to go to school every day. Giving my time to allow them to go is important to me.

Getting involved in this charity was, therefore, the best solution.

I hope to give the best of myself while enjoying this experience.

Julie Bonnet

Volunteer - Project Manager

Hello there!

I’m a French business student but thanks to my program, I was able to spend semesters abroad in South Korea, Ireland, and Germany. I was lucky enough to be able to study and travel, now is time for me to give back!

This internship is the opportunity for me to partake in many missions from the shop management to recruiting and even social media management! I’m excited to learn and to discover all London has to offer, especially the musicals… I love musicals.

Minami Odagiri

Volunteer - Project Manager


My name is Minami from Japan.

I'm studying international development.

I used to go to South East Asia like the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and

Indonesia because my father had worked there.

So I have always felt and continue to feel that countries are close to me.

I want to do my internship here because I would like to work in a job related to supporting developing countries. It has been my dream since I was a high school student.

I want to help someone find new hope for their future!

We always welcome your visit.

Come and Join us!

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