The Big Give Christmas Challenge

One donation, twice the impact!

Children of the Mekong is participating in The Big Give Christmas Challenge starting with #GivingTuesday on the 28th of November 2023.

All donations made on The Big Give Christmas Challenge platform will be matched £-for-£.

Did you know? It is a real challenge for teenagers to continue their schooling in Northwest Cambodia! From poor family background, the temptation to drop out from school and work is high!

Learn more below about how your donation will have a real impact on the lives of those young people.

Samrong Centre Cambodia

The current situation



Rural Cambodia sees 70% of children drop out after primary school. Together, we can provide 135 children from disadvantaged backgrounds with an education. 80 of them receive boarding in addition to extra courses and self-development workshops.

Your support ensures no child is left behind. 

Boy from Samrong

In remote Northwest Cambodia, lower attainment at secondary school is due to a lack of educational resources and the limited finances of local families. The situation is acute in Samrong province, where there are only 36 secondary schools compared to 210 primary schools. 45.7% of the population in the region is defined as poor and many children discontinue their education to help support their families, often engaging in subsistence farming or illegal work across the Thai border. 


Opened in 2006, our education centre in Samrong aims to give 70+ disadvantaged children the chance to:

  1. Pursue a secondary or high school degree, which would not be possible without the centre. We provide free courses that supplement regular school which helps to make up for the low-attainment levels.
  2. Prepare for higher education at a university or through vocational training.
  3. Shape responsible, well-rounded individuals to become actively involved in, and contribute to society.

Samrong Education Centre group photo

Our Impact

Students from Samrong Education Centre



Our project will help break the circle of poverty for underprivileged children from rural Cambodia by providing them access to high school education, orientation on options for further education and by shaping well-rounded individuals. Our impact is demonstrated in academic achievements, academic advancement, and the self-development of the children.

The campaign is taking place starting on November 28th and lasting for a week, and your support will make a world of difference. Donations must be made through a credit or debit card on the Big Give platform (bank transfer or cheque won’t be accepted).

Every penny raised (except Gift Aid) will go towards funding our ‘Samrong Education Centre’ in 2024. 

We aim to raise £20,000 for the programme, which will help keep over 70+ disadvantaged young people in Cambodia in school. Most of them are the first in their families to go to school and their families live on less than two dollars a day.

You can learn more about this vital programme here.

Samrong students

Any questions?

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Eugenie Munakarmi
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