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What are the benefits of sponsoring a child?

There is a noticeable difference in schooling access across the countries of Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, in most low-income countries, children from disadvantage families are less likely to be educated.

Schooling access across the countries of Southeast Asia

Being born and raised in a poor region of Southeast Asia will make it more challenging for them to access education but also electricity or clean water.

Data issued from the Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics highlight inequities of learning for disadvantaged children in the region. Often, families struggle to finance an education system for their children.

Contributing to Children of the Mekong is an effective way to help children in need. The benefits of sponsoring a child are numerous. Your help is above and beyond anything a poor child and his family in Southeast Asia would have hoped for.

Your contribution of £28 a month will enable him/her to go to school. The sponsorship will pay for his/her education and vital needs. Your gift will help the child, his family and his community.

You think you are making a gift to a child by sponsoring him or her. You are. But the twist here is that you are also doing a gift to yourself. It’s an amazing feeling to help a child in need.

Benefits for education

By sponsoring a child, you will pay for his education i.e. school, boarding school, supplementary courses, uniform, stationaries…

A report from the IMF showed that many children who do attend school received an inadequate education because of poorly trained,  overcrowded classrooms, and a lack of basic teaching tools.

A significant gain in skills can be achieved with supplementary courses. Just spending time in school might not be enough. Because teachers are underpaid, they dispense only part of the academic programme during school hours and kids need to come back and pay for additional courses to be able to pass their exams. Consequently, supplementary courses are crucial is some region of Southeast Asia and your donation will be contributing to it.


Supporting children education is essential to shape their futures. Educated individuals are more likely to be happier, healthier and have a more meaningful life.

It will enable them to earn a higher income and therefore to improve their living conditions. Children of the Mekong sponsorship programme supports education. Giving children access to school is key, not only for them but also for their communities and the next generations. Education goes far beyond simple schooling.

Children of the Mekong’s ambition is to educate the mind, the heart and the body.

Benefits for the children and their family

There is a high probability that without your financial help your sponsored child family would not have been able to send him/her to school or provide him/her with a decent level of education. You are taking a burden off their shoulder that will have a true impact on the future of their child.

With £28 a month you offer a child a unique opportunity to be educated. This amount of money can be quickly spent in our developed countries but in Southeast Asia, this amount will enable a child to be educated for a month.

Offering access to the school will have a positive impact on so many individuals surrounding the child. Your help will radiate on his family and his community. Education will empower him and provide him with hope and confidence. Without even noticing your sponsored child will spread some of his knowledge around him.

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Your monthly donation provides your sponsored child with the right education he needs to help him in the future.

Benefits for the sponsor

Children of the Mekong is fully transparent with its donors. It is essential for us to be clear so you know exactly where your money is going. 83.8% of our expenditure is spent on our mission to provide education to the poorest children in Southeast Asia. The rest is allocated to fundraising and running costs of the charity.

Pretty soon after your first donation you will receive a letter from the child you sponsor. Then you receive more letters throughout the year, in general 2 to 3 times a year. Without a doubt you will be delighted to hear from him or her. To know how he is going and progressing in school. This “old school” way of communicating will be a real breath of fresh air. Sponsorship is also a different way to learn about a new country, culture and language. It is such a powerful and enriching experience to discover something new. It enriches you as an individual and also adds valuable life experience. You learn on so many different levels.

You can and should be proud of yourself as you are making a difference in a child’s life. Helping children in need is empowering. A selfless donation makes you happier and fulfilled. Studies have shown that giving makes you healthier.

Your sponsorship and the relationship you are creating are impacting for the better many lives – including yours.  By sharing your experience of donating to Children of the Mekong you might encourage friends and family to do the same. Your positive experience might motivate others.

On a more practical note, in the UK, donations by individuals to charities offer tax relief benefits for the individual and the charity.

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Helping less fortunate Southeast Asian children with Children of the Mekong

Children of the Mekong sponsorships are a unique opportunity to help less fortunate Southeast Asian children. Your support is a game-changer for the children, their family and their community. In return the satisfaction you will get from this experience is unique.

“It’s better to give than to receive”. You might have heard this old adage many times. Yet, in this case we believe that you will receive as much as you give. You donate to Children of the Mekong to support a cause you believe in, the access to education to children that might not have had access to it otherwise.

You will realise pretty quickly that your sponsorship will also for have a positive effect on your own life.


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