The future is in space… and in the classrooms!📚🚀

Since 2024, Loft Orbital has been supporting 15 middle school students in Grade 7. They all live at the Children of the Mekong center in Battambang, Cambodia.

The students receive support so that they can continue their schooling despite the poverty of their families. In addition to education, they are housed, fed and benefit from holistic training and a social follow-up.

All children come from very poor families and have grown up in remote areas.

The aim of the center is to welcome the children in the city of Battambang and give them access to the local middle school. The Battambang Center provides a studious, family atmosphere where everyone takes care of each other.

The children study with an interactive pedagogy that encourages practice, reflection and personal research. We take care of their nutrition, health and well-being through holistic development.

This includes games, activities, workshops, sharing of testimonials, career guidance etc.

Our overseas volunteers Flore and Martin present the center in this video!

Meet the 15 children sponsored by Loft Orbital, and discover their dreams!

My dream is to become a Khmer teacher!


I dream to join the army


I want to become a CEO of a company


My dream is to become a lawyer


I want to become a Khmer teacher


My dream job is to be a policeman


I want to become a policewoman!


My dream is to become an architect.


I would like to become a teacher in junior HS


I want to become a teacher!


My dream is te become a teacher in primary school


In the future, I want to become a doctor.


My dream is to become a doctor.


I want to become a teacher in primary school


My dream is to become a doctor

Davit 13 years old


Davit is a 13-year-old boy from Ek Phnom, in the Battambang region of northwestern Cambodia.

He lives with his grandparents since his mother abandoned him a few months after his birth. His mother went to Thailand to work and rebuilt her life there. Davit never met his mother.

Davit’s grandparents take good care of him, despite their poverty. They had to go into debt to buy a plot of land, on which they built their house, which also serves as a small store. His grandfather works on construction sites, he also repairs motorcycles and farm machinery. His grandmother sells groceries and fishing tackle. Together, they earn around $200 per month, and they look after 3 grandchildren.

Davit is very happy and highly motivated, as he really wants to continue his studies. He hopes to get a good job in the future to support his family and get out of poverty. At school, he particularly likes Khmer and science, and later he would like to join the army.


Children of the Mekong is a registered charity and is entitled to receive donations and legacies.
Since 1958, it has continued to evolve and adapt to the demands of the field.
Intended to be a link of friendship with the peoples of South-East Asia,
it has remained true to its original vocation: to love and help poor and suffering children
by offering them a future through education.

You can sponsor a child and give them access to education for £28 or $35 a month!