Brighter Tomorrow: Help the children of Babag, Philippines

In the mountains of Cebu, child sponsorship has the power to send children to school safely and encourage them to chase their dreams.

Progress: 7%

Sponsored children: 1 of 13

Nestled in the mountains surrounding Cebu City, Philippines, lies Babag – a town characterized by its resilient farming community and the bustling Cebu market trade. Here, families eke out a living by cultivating flowers and vegetables on squatted lands, facing the harsh reality of uncertain livelihoods and daily struggles. The children of Babag often begin their school days on empty stomachs, as their parents brave the pre-dawn hours to sell their produce, leaving them to navigate the journey to school alone.

Life in Babag

house in the village of Babag, Philippines

In the Philippines, most mothers stay at home to look after their children, while fathers provide a small income for the family: most of the fathers in the Babag programme are farmers or construction workers. These jobs are highly insecure and their income varies according to the weather and the harvest. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the eldest children in these large families to drop out of school prematurely so as to provide additional income for the family and help support the parents. Even so, amassing enough food for the entire family is rarely possible. Poor health is a common consequence seen in these children.

Whilst accessing an education is in theory free in the Philippines, getting to school from Babag is no easy task. In their efforts to get to reach their classrooms, incidents of violence, drug-related issues and sexual assaults are part of this daily walk through the forest. The exorbitant price of transport makes it impossible for families to send their children to school safely. Furthermore, school-related costs such as uniforms, copies and books often hinder children from attending school.

How Your Sponsorship Makes a Difference

By helping a child in Babag through child sponsorship, you are enabling them to go to school safely and healthily, in their pursuit for a safer and better future.

Child sponsorship is a real lifeline for these children and their families. This fund covers all educational needs including school fees, school supplies, uniforms and transport costs. It is also used to support the family with the purchase of essential needs such as rice, groceries and hygiene products to ensure the health and well-being of the sponsored child.

child sponsorship programme in Babag

Babag Cebu Philippines
Ate Annabel Local program manager

The programme managers are four teachers, and all work at Babag Integrated School, where the sponsored children attend classes.

child sponsorship programme Philippines Cebu Babag

Ate Annabel is the leading programme manager; she is a teacher and oversees holistic development at her school.

Ate Jill, Ate Mae Ann, and Ate Jungie assist Ate Annabel. They are all deeply committed to their students and know their families personally.


The security of sponsorship

Girl in Babag

Sponsored children are carefully selected in collaboration with programme managers based on several criteria to make sure that the most unfortunate are being helped. These criteria include:

  • Poverty based on the family’s income, parents’ occupation, state of accommodation etc.
  • Family situation
  • Motivation to pursue education

All sponsored children in the programme commit to investing time and effort in their studies, and continuing the education until they obtain a university degree or vocational training degree. This ensures that the cycle of poverty is broken and that your sponsorship serves its purpose until the young person can get a job.


As of April 2024, 13 children are waiting to be sponsored in Babag.

You can make a difference in a child’s life.

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