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  • 418 child sponsorship programmes
  • 9,580 sponsored children
  • 800 local volunteers

Our work extends from the North to the South of Vietnam, with priority accorded to the Centre and North of the country. These regions count among the poorest and are populated by ethnic minorities which remain on the sidelines of visible economic development around major population centres.


  • 96.2 million inhabitants of which 65% of the population resides in rural areas
  • Official language: Vietnamese
  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong
  • Ethnic minorities: 14% of the population is from an ethnic minority (Tay, Thaï, Muong, Nung, Hmong…)
  • Religions : 12% Buddhist ; 15% Christian


In Vietnam, Children of the Mekong responds to needs encountered, whether they be social, academic, or economic, mainly through the sponsorship of children. A sponsored child receives monthly support from his sponsor, which allow them to continue their education.

Occasionally, Children of the Mekong also responds to requests for the financing of development programmes, to improve or supplement our activity with impoverished children. These projects aim to improve the living conditions and education of impoverished children, the majority of the time, in addition to the child sponsorship which provides long-term support.

Children of the Mekong does not create its own projects but responds, after assessment, to a local request.

Sponsor a child in Vietnam

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