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Young people supported by Children of the Mekong have, for the most part, very little knowledge of the professional world. Naturally, they imagine their future in the only occupations they are familiar with (teacher, soldier, police officer…). Providing them with an orientation to various career avenues available to them and inculcating a professional culture in them is fundamental to helping them tap into their innate talents, skills and competencies. We support the children right until their very first job.

Children of the Mekong has developed a training course composed of numerous modules so that students gain confidence and learn to take initiative and responsibility. This programme also values the spirit of service: the children, in turn, provide services to the community (lessons for poor children, help for the disabled…).

Lastly, Children of the Mekong is developing strong relationships with local businesses (job forums, interview simulations…) to ensure a good match between the dreams of our young students and the needs of the local labour market.

Kimhuon, sponsored student of Children of the Mekong

“Life is learning about everything around us. Thanks to Children of the Mekong, we have learned a lot of things that will be useful for our professional life. We have learned leadership, management, business and entrepreneurship.  We have learned how to build a CV, a cover letter, politics and social affairs, computer science and languages. We have learned philosophy, self-control, solidarity, compassion and friendship. All this to prepare us for the future of our dreams! Living with Children of the Mekong was too short. During these four years, we grew up and learned so much. We now have a new mission ahead of us, which is life after graduation. But we will never forget that learning is lifelong. There is never an end to education.”

Kimhoun, sponsored student of Children of the Mekong

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