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We support local initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions of poor children. We thus create an environment favourable to school enrolment and fight against early school dropout. Examples include the construction of schools, sanitary, children homes, access to water, the purchase of school supplies, bicycles and so on.

The projects always respond to primary needs: a child must be fed, cared for, washed and clothed before going to school. And there must be a school in their village! Our projects are therefore carried out to remedy these important shortages. They are an indispensable prerequisite for our educational support.

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Marie-Laure Brenier

“Children of the Mekong is, first of all, a human-sized organisation, which is very familiar with the problems of the countries in which it works, all located in Southeast Asia.
We financed a school in Kok Mun, in the north of Cambodia, in whose inauguration we were able to take part and see how much the Bamboo (overseas volunteers) were involved in the field. Then we financed the construction of a home for boys in Phrao in Northern Thailand. The seriousness of the volunteers in place in each country is a guarantee of success. Their dynamism and involvement command respect. Children of the Mekong offers both an expertise in the problems of the countries, a rigorous approach to project management and, above all, the desire to help, train and help all these Asian children grow up in a caring way. At Children of the Mekong reigns a family spirit.”

Marie-Laure Bernier, Founder of Fondation Luciole

Eugenie Munakarmi
Eugenie Munakarmi COO of the UK office - International Development Coordinator Contact