What is Collective Sponsorship?

What is collective sponsorship?

Sponsor a group of children, support solutions for their future.

Sponsor a group of children now

Children of the Mekong supports many local education programmes. Street schools for children from slums, boarding schools for children from remote villages, upgrading schools for migrant children, schools in refugee camps etc.

By embarking on the adventure of collective sponsorship with £28 or $35 a month, you help a group of children to continue their education despite difficult situations. After setting up your sponsorship, you will receive a complete file detailing the structure you are supporting.

Year after year, you see the programme and its children grow and evolve. Every year you receive news from the programme you support. If you would like an exchange of letters, choose an individual child sponsorship instead.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Asia, do not miss the opportunity to visit the programme you support for a truly moving experience.

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In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, between 250,000 and 1 million children live on the streets. Left to their own devices, they are the victims of abject poverty. They survive by begging, stealing and prostitution. Violence and drugs are common too.

Since 1998, Children of the Mekong has been fighting alongside our partner organisation Anak-TNK to provide street and slum children in Manila access to education, health, nutrition and protection.

By sponsoring a program supporting street children, you help fund:

  • A continuous presence (day and night) in the streets
  • Safe homes to provide clothing, food, care and attention for children
  • Salaries of trained social workers, who try to reconcile children with their families and provide concrete solutions for them as far as possible
  • Residential homes to enable the most motivated young people to attend school without worrying about material conditions

Support the street children of Manila now

Our current collective sponsorship programmes

Would you like to support a child to go to school and exchange letters with them? You can sponsor a child and provide both material and moral support through your sponsorship.


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