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When you sponsor a child, you give him/her the chance to go to school.

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Since 1958, Children of the Mekong supports children in Southeast Asia.

Child sponsorship is the main way we support children. In 2019, our work had an impact on 22,000 sponsored children and 60,000 supported children who were able to access education, build their lives and find employment.

Every year, our charity supports around 100 development projects (such as schools or accommodation for pupils) and manages 10 centres and 78 boarding houses.

When you sponsor a child in Asia, a bond grows between you and your sponsored child thanks to the exchange of letters. You are simply making a life-changing gift to someone in Southeast Asia.

Sponsor a child

Children of the Mekong is headquartered in France and has several chapters in the world.

In the UK, Children of the Mekong is registered at the Charity Commission for England and Wales (No 1116375) and runs a charity shop in Southwest London.

In the USA, Children of the Mekong partners with Give2Asia to offer American donors the possibility to get donation tax relief.

We also have teams of dedicated volunteers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland.

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Since 1958, Children of the Mekong supports children's education in Southeast Asia.

Our History Since 1958
Financial Transparency Children of the Mekong

With 85.1% of charitable expenditure, our priority is to keep our core costs as low as possible to support even more children.

Financial Transparency Financial transparency

Since 2014, we offer a wide range of second-hand goods and clothes in our charity shop. All proceeds are going to our education programmes in Southeast Asia.

Our charity shop in Southwest London Charity shop

Providing education, training and support, we help children and young people to improve their standard of living and to grow intellectually, emotionally and morally.

Vision and ethics Vision and ethics

Sponsor a child in Asia

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Progress: 54%

Sponsored children: 13 of 24

Progress: 82%

Sponsored children: 71 of 86

Progress: 94%

Sponsored children: 16 of 17

Srey Mao

“My name is Srey Mao, and in my country it is hard to find a good job after graduating. Thanks to Children of the Mekong, I learned that I had to adapt to my environment, I learned to take initiative and to communicate and to be honest, which is not common among Cambodia’s graduates. I have been working in a big phone company in Phnom Penh for four years, and I am now in charge of all of the agents on a national scale. The achievement I am most proud of is to have been able to establish a social project in my company that sponsors underprivileged children in the Kratie province. I would like to give a chance to young people like the one Children of the Mekong gave to me ten years ago. I promised myself I would make a commitment to help others when I graduated; to have a role in my country’s development is my priority. Children of the Mekong taught me what real love is, you changed my life, and you freed me.” 

Srey Mao, Former Sponsored Child  of Children of the Mekong

Our four-step approach in Southeast Asia


Houses refugee camp Tak
Progress: 43%

Funds raised so far: £17,700 of £40,773

Progress: 68%

Funds raised so far: £2,000 of £2,938

Progress: 50%

Funds raised so far: £22,884 of £44,991

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