Companies, trusts and foundations

It is thanks to the tremendous support of companies, trusts and foundations, that each year we support more than 70,000 children (access to education, school construction, health and sanitation projects, training and professional integration…).

For each philanthropic approach, we assist you in your initiatives, and we will propose projects according to the priorities that are dear to you (education, slums, girls’ education, disability, ethnic minorities…).

  • We have many opportunities for skills-transfer programmes to engage your employees in these CSR initiatives
  • You will receive a detailed report on the project you support (financial report, photos, testimonies, impact evaluation)
  • And above all… we welcome you to visit our centres. Come and see the actions you support or could support in the future!

Our charitable expenditure rate is 85.3%.

There are many ways you can support our action.

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Srey Mao

“My name is Srey Mao, and in my country it is hard to find a good job after graduating. Thanks to Children of the Mekong, I learned that I had to adapt to my environment, I learned to take initiative and to communicate and to be honest, which is not common among Cambodia’s graduates. I have been working in a big phone company in Phnom Penh for four years, and I am now in charge of all of the agents on a national scale. The achievement I am most proud of is to have been able to establish a social project in my company that sponsors underprivileged children in the Kratie province. I would like to give a chance to young people like the one Children of the Mekong gave to me ten years ago. I promised myself I would make a commitment to help others when I graduated; to have a role in my country’s development is my priority. Children of the Mekong taught me what real love is, you changed my life, and you freed me.” 

Srey Mao, Former Sponsored Child  of Children of the Mekong

CA-CIB Foundation

Our employees based in Asia can go out into the field to train young students in the centres managed by the charity. We have accompanied a group of students in Phnom Penh for the past four years, twice a year, with a team of 6 volunteer employees. The content and form of these training courses are built around themes that are useful in the world of work, such as “project management”, “working in a team”, “acquiring communication skills” or “job interviews”.

Tien Tran Phan, CACIB Foundation Manager


Established in 2020, the bioMérieux Endowment Fund has supported the emergency nutrition project linked to Covid-19. Since 2021, it has supported early childhood in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.


Ever since 2014, Credit Agricole CIB's has involved thousands of employees in our global partnership and has sponsored two cohorts of University students.


The Saint-Gobain Foundation supports construction projects in Cambodia and involves its employees in South East Asia. They come to our student centre in Phnom Penh to prepare young people for the job market.

Saint-Gobain Foundation

Since its creation in 2008, the Bel Foundation has been working to help children around the world. They recently supported the construction of two new school canteens in Laos.

Bel Foundation

In 2020, Bicworld became a sponsor of the Dumaguete Centre in the Philippines. For three years, they will support the centre financially and offer students ideal conditions to study in the best universities.


The foundation supports us on mobility to school (purchase of bicycles, school buses, motorcycles for teachers, ...) with an emphasis on road safety.


Moved by the project to train women in silk weaving, the director of the Sofitel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, started to support the project. Accor Solidarity Fund decided to step in and currently supports the weavers.


Bouygues Construction's foundation "Terre Plurielle" supported Children of the Mekong in 2010 and 2013 for projects in Thailand and in 2018 to build a nursery school in the slums of Dala in Myanmar.



Travel Live Teach contribute 5% of all their profits to Children of the Mekong.

Travel Live Teach
NFT The SAMOS Project supports children's education

Founded in 2022. The Samos Project is an NFT art project with a mission to help children around the world by raising awareness in the NFT space and donating a large portion of their sales profits to charities.

The Samos Project More about The Samos Project

d'Angelin & Co has supported our education centre in Samrong, Cambodia since 2018.

d'Angelin & Co

CACIB UK helped us launch and has been the principal sponsor of the London Scholarship programme for 3 years. This programme provides a life-changing opportunity for outstanding students from Cambodia.

BNPP partners with us through a volunteering scheme where employees come to our charity shop and office for a day of volunteering. BNPP employees have also been instrumental in helping us with IT infrastructure for our London office.

BNP Paribas

Pearl & Partner provides household staff placement services. They are associated with Children of the Mekong. For every new placement, Pearl & Partner will sponsor the education of a child in Southeast Asia for a year.

Pearl & Partner More about Pearl & Partner
Kampuchea, Cambodian catering company London

In 2022 and 2023, Kampuchea participated to Children of the Mekong event by providing the Southeast Asian food, and donated part of their profit of the events.

Eugenie Munakarmi
Eugenie Munakarmi COO of the UK office - International Development Coordinator Contact