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Here are what some our volunteers have said about their experience at Children of the Mekong!

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Sophia Senior Regional Fundraiser at the British Red Cross

I’ve been at Children of the Mekong since 2021 and found the organisation through pure luck! I started as a trusts and foundations officer and sent out grant applications to support our programmes in Southeast Asia. When once my contract was up, I continued volunteering as an editor, and I proofreed newsletters, translations, etc. I love this charity. I, myself, am adopted from Vietnam and have been able to pursue my goals thanks to receiving a quality education;My person background means COTM has a special place in my heart and I really align with its mission. Eugenie is such an inspiring leader and the other volunteers are so lovely to work with. I hope to be at this charity for a long time!

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Alicia Culture, Media and Creative Industries Student at King's College London

I was a Trusts and Foundations Officer and now I am just helping out in any way I can because the mission of the organisation means so much to me! I have been overjoyed to be given an opportunity to contribute in all ways possible, from searching for funding to helping edit videos to participating in events. Working with this amazing team allows such a heartwarming and important goal of advancing youth education in Southeast Asia to be palpable and the future seems much brighter thanks to their infectious passion.

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Anne Charlotte Mother

I arrived in London with part of my family almost 3 years ago with the aim of getting involved in a charity. Meeting Eugenie was the opportunity to discover Children of the Mekong and to quickly accept my mission as a volunteer : I am in charge of the coordination of translations and I help with the follow-up of sponsorships. COTM is an amazing charity which is meaningful to me. What I particularly appreciate is its concrete action in the ground through the sponsorship of children and we are delighted to sponsor a 10 years old boy from Myanmar!

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Kaede Social Sciences Student at University College London, Institute of Education

I have been the Intern Project Manager at Children of the Mekong for over 6 months, focusing on digital marketing, SEO, and article content creation. I have learned so much through this role, both hard and soft skills, and I am so grateful to have met a team of wonderful and kind people. I truly believe in Children of the Mekong’s initiatives and projects, and have a personal connection to them as I grew up in Thailand. I hope to continue to be involved with this charity as a volunteer after my internship, as I hold this charity close to my heart. Eugenie is a supportive, kind, and inspiring leader who I’m glad to have met.

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Daline Digital Culture Student at Kings College London

As the Social Media and Communication Intern, I am responsible for coordinating and creating contents that highlights Children of the Mekong (COTM) latest news, development and activities all around the world. The aim is to increase our overall digital presence.

Working at COTM is one of the most rewarding experiences I could hope for. Not only do I deeply resonate with the organization’s mission, but the level of professionalism and dedication each volunteer has is commendable. Eugenie gives me the freedom to make decisions and take initiatives on my own which is very empowering. I gained so much knowledge and experiences that. I believe, are just as valuable as working at any other organizations.

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Cristel Teacher

I have a specific mission under the name of “Act for your dreams” to raise awareness about the gift of education in schools. I love the solidarity it implies and the genuine talks about the subject with both children but the adults.

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I started as a volunteer to help organise our annual event “A Night Along The Mekong”. Having grown up in South-East Asia, I have always known about Children of the Mekong and was thrilled to be able to join a team of incredibly dedicated individuals. Volunteering at COTM has been one of the most rewarding experiences, not only because my beliefs truly align with its values but also due to the obvious impact the charity has on youth education. I hope to be involved in future projects and raise awareness for this incredible cause.

Eugenie Munakarmi
Eugenie Munakarmi COO of the UK office - International Development Coordinator Contact