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A sponsorship programme you can trust

Children of the Mekong wishes to guarantee its sponsors and donors a transparent use of funds. Every expense is carefully controlled in order to send as much as possible to our beneficiaries. Discover more about our financial transparency and testimonials of our sponsors and donors below.

85.1% of our expenditure is spent on our mission to provide education to the poorest children in Southeast Asia. The rest is allocated to fundraising and running costs of the charity.
Our resources come almost exclusively from private donations.
In the interest of transparency, Children of the Mekong publishes its financial report every year, which can be found here.

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“Initially, it was the financial aspect of Children of the Mekong that appealed to me. I wanted to invest myself in a rigorous, sustainable and transparent organisation. […] Figures are one thing, but it was important for me to then go out into the field, to meet local representatives and better understand their organisation. I didn’t expect this encounter, which impressed me greatly.”



Of the £28 per month of the sponsorship, £22 goes directly to your sponsored child and their family. The money is distributed every month to your sponsored child’s family, who signs a receipt. In the case of remote villages, the money is given on a quarterly basis to avoid additional transport costs.

According to the needs, the sponsorship money can pay for school materials, uniforms, transportation, and also extra classes, and buy hygiene kits and other necessities. This financial support also compensates for the fact that the child goes to school instead of having to work to put food on the table. Sponsorship is thus a precious help that benefits the whole family.

On-site, our local programme managers, who are mostly volunteers for the majority of our programmes, ensure the proper use of the funds and verify that your sponsored child continues their schooling.

Our overseas volunteers go to Asia for 1 to 3 years, and we consider them as the eyes and ears of our organisation. They supervise the programmes and check finances and play a key role in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

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Since 1958, Children of the Mekong has been growing mainly through word of mouth. Many sponsors, convinced of the usefulness of their sponsorship, especially after a field visit, testify to this effective solution to change lives.

Children of the Mekong UK is a registered charity at the Charity Commission for England and Wales, under the number 1116375. We have been operating in the UK since 2011, and we run a charity shop in Battersea in London, where our office is located.


The best way to be convinced of the effectiveness of sponsorship is to experience it first-hand, and meet your sponsored child.

You can also look at reviews on the internet.

Finally, we are convinced that all the technologies in the world will never replace a face-to-face meeting. Call us or come and meet us at our charity shop and office in London!

Progress: 85%

Sponsored children: 12 of 14

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