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Urban poverty is appalling in the Philippines. Sponsor a child today and give them the chance to get out of poverty thanks to the gift of education.

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In Naga, in the Visayas archipelago in the south of the Philippines, our sponsorship programme is devoted to educating local children. Situated one hour thirty minutes north of the island capital Cebu, Naga is its industrial suburb. Our programme involves twenty students who otherwise could not attend school. By sponsoring a child in Naga, you will help them to overcome the barriers to their education.

Harsh living conditions for the children and their families

In Naga, we support children whose families are plagued by poverty and particularly difficult living conditions, both impeding their children’s ability to go to school. Although the children and their families are highly motivated, they are in need of our help—and your help.

The families live close to the centre in houses comprising one to three rooms, built from planks and bamboo and a roof made of corrugated iron, with outdoor kitchens and water coming from a source shared by the other houses in the neighbourhood. These houses are flooded when it rains. Only the ones located directly on the road remain accessible.

Parents raise their large families in these impoverished homes, often including five to ten children. Mothers stay at home to care for their children, while dads are breadwinners. Most are habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) drivers, construction workers, or street vendors earning incomes that are insufficient to support their households. They usually live on short-term contracts, and many have a difficult time finding another job once the contracts end, plunging the family income’s even lower.

Consequently, not only do the children’s families schooled in our programme in Naga earn minimal incomes of less than 8,000 PHP (£126) per month, but salaries are also highly unstable. Children must work to contribute to their families. As a result, children are not at school. Only 40% are able to pursue their education at post-secondary school.

How the sponsorship money is used

Thanks to the child sponsorship programme, children in Naga can get an education. The money is used to pay for school registration fees, educational materials, books, uniforms and shoes as well as transportation. The sponsorship is also adapted to the educational needs of the sponsored children. While in elementary and middle school, when fees may be low, the sponsorship allows students to benefit from pedagogical framing (monthly meetings, games, activities, and tutorials). In high school, we help students to access the costly materials they need for projects such as presentations. When needed, we also fund supplementary food or medication.

How to get involved and help a child in Naga

With £28 per month, you can help children in Naga to break their cycle of poverty.

Your donation will allow students whose families cannot afford to put them in school to get an education. Thanks to your support, children will be on their way to school, rather than on their way to work. Not only is this an incredible opportunity for the children of Naga to learn, but it also will change their life and offer them a brighter future.

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