When I grow up

The film produced to celebrate the 60th-anniversary of Children of the Mekong

WHEN I GROW UP is the extraordinary adventure of 6 children in 6 different countries of Southeast Asia and is meant to raise awareness of the daily lives and dreams of these children and the privilege that is education. So while turning 60 is certainly worth celebrating, we do not wish to turn attention on ourselves but on the children who have so little and who deserve so much more. The need keeps growing and so does our resolve in helping them turn their dreams into reality.

The making of the film has been just as incredible as the lives of the children it is filming and we thank Jill Coulon, an award-nominated documentary and TV director, and Yaël Naïm and David Donatien, award-winning singer and songwriter, who respectively directed and created the music for the film and Garvin, our marvellous volunteer who translated the film into English.

We invite you to download our booklet ‘Behind the lens’ to learn more about these 6 children, the communities we work with and the fantastic team behind the movie.

Download the Behind the Lens document

The film When I Grow Up has been shown to many school-age children (from 10 years old) and is a great tool to raise awareness in our UK schools, about how lucky children are to go to school. In Asia, they are dreaming about it!

Be in touch with us if you want to organise a screening in your school.