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Child sponsoring is a great way to give access to school to your sponsored child. With your help, they will be able to take charge of their future and that of their family.

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What Child Sponsorship Does

Child sponsorship is long-term support that allows your sponsored child to focus on their studies. Thanks to you, they will no longer need to toil in a rice field or a landfill to make ends meet.

School dropout is a huge issue at the end of primary school and especially for girls. However, a girl at school help to reduce early marriage and child labour. An educated woman will fight for her children to get an education.

Sponsorship also makes it possible to concretely improve their life and that of their family. Your monthly support counterpart the fact that the child does not work.

Finally, even though the school is usually free in Southeast Asia, complementary courses are compulsory to be successful. Sponsoring a child will give them the chance to continue their schooling despite their underprivileged background.

With £28 or $35 a month, you offer your sponsored child the possibility to be fed, dressed and schooled.

Where your sponsorship support goes?

Your monthly support will provide your sponsored child with the peace-of-mind to go to school.

Your donation will cover the costs related to schoolings such as uniform, stationeries or transport, so your sponsored child can continue their education despite the poverty of their family.

You will always be the only sponsor of your child, and your sponsorship support will go directly to them.

Children of the Mekong tailors the monthly distribution to each programme as needs in rural areas are different from those in slums. Also, a primary school student in a village won’t have the same needs as a vocational student in town.

At the start of your sponsorship, you will receive more information about how your monthly sponsorship support is distributed to your child.

What can you expect when you sponsor a child in Asia?

You can choose where to sponsor your child

You can choose the sponsorship programme you want to support, and also the gender and age of your child. It may not always be possible but we’ll certainly do our best.

Discover more about your sponsored child

In a few days, you will receive a Welcome Pack with your child’s profile, picture and more information about your sponsorship.

Write your first letter

You will find a template for your first letter in your Welcome Pack.

And the story goes on

Every sponsorship is unique. It’s up to you to write the story by exchanging letters and even visiting your sponsored child in Asia. You can also come and meet us in our London office!

Any question about child sponsorship?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

Or contact our COO Eugenie Munakarmi at info@childrenofthemekong.org.


How child sponsorship changes life?

Pagna Bour

I come from a poor family, from a torn family, from a family that has only one dream: that one day their children will come out of poverty.

I come from a family that believed that poverty was not inevitable and fought to make it a life force.

I am one of the thousands of the most disadvantaged young Cambodians who had the chance to meet Children of the Mekong one day.

Thanks to my sponsor. Thanks to them and to Children of the Mekong, I know who I am today. I am lucky! My family is lucky! Cambodia is lucky!”

Pagna Bour


Sponsoring a child with Children of the Mekong is £28 a month (or $35), of which 75.7% goes directly to your sponsored child and their family. The sponsorship is distributed on a monthly bases by our local programme managers.

The strength of Children of the Mekong is that we have been creating strong bonds with communities in Southeast Asia for more than 60 years. This results in knowing well the needs of each programme. Therefore, we can tailor how the sponsorship money is used, according to the needs.

The sponsorship pays for all school-related costs such as uniforms, stationeries, books but also transport and food sometimes. In some programmes, the sponsorship will also pay for rice, oil and hygiene products for the family. Indeed, this support compensates the fact that the child does not bring money or food at home when he is at school.


What child sponsorship brings you?


I’ve been sponsoring Namphon since 2007.

She was a 6-year-old girl, shy and with learning difficulties. 10 years and many exchanges of letters later, I met her in Laos: a young girl who was radiant, spontaneous and keen to become a teacher. An impressive evolution!

From Europe to Asia, transparency, seriousness and enthusiasm are the terms that best describe Children of the Mekong. There is such a human quality in each of the members who make up this organisation! The desire to take part in this adventure is necessarily contagious!

Stephanie, sponsor of Namphon

Why sponsoring a child with Children of the Mekong?


Children of the Mekong offers a direct relationship between a sponsored child and you. Your monthly support is not going to a larger pot shared with the other sponsors. Quite the contrary, it is going directly to your sponsored child and their family. 


Children of the Mekong guarantees our sponsors and donors a transparent use of funds. Every expense is carefully controlled in order to send as much as we can to our beneficiaries. You can learn more about our promise of financial transparency and read testimonials from some of our sponsors and donors.


You sponsor one child for £28 or $35 a month, and your sponsored child goes to school. Your support is both material and personal, thanks to an exchange of letters.

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You support an education programme (boarding house, education centre, group of children, etc.) with £28 or $35 a month. Year after year, you see the programme evolve and develop thanks to regular updates.

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Sponsored children: 12 of 14

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