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Caroline, Xavier and their new born baby girl
Caroline & Xavier


“We are thrilled to welcome Juliet in our family! Juliet is lucky to be born in the UK, in a privileged environment. She is already very spoiled and will have the chance to go to school. Sadly, not all children are as lucky. Our sponsorships made us realise how significant education is. As a child sponsor with Children of the Mekong, we know that it is possible to make a big change in the children’s lives with little. Rather than making a birth gift list, we asked our friends to donate instead. As a result, Asian children received the most beautiful of all gifts- being able to attend school! In the end, our friends were moved by this fundraiser. We are very happy to have helped these children go to school. We are also very happy that our daughter started her life sharing and giving!”

Leaving party, a project to support Children of the Mekong


“As I was starting my own business, it was important for me to make a gesture to truly thank my former company for these years I spent working for them. So, I decided that my leaving party would be serving a good cause. It meant a lot to me. Children of the Mekong helps Southeastern Asian children go to school and lift them out of poverty by giving them access to the job market. I believe the similarity with my current professional situation makes a lot of sense. So, I started a fundraiser. I would like to thank my former colleagues and friends for their generous donations – I raised enough to buy seven bicycles for children to go to school!”

Gregoire participating in a sporting event for Children of the Mekong


“As a fan of sporting challenges, and after having participated in a few half marathons and other cycle races, I recently decided to involve my close friends, my family and my colleagues in my project. On the occasion of the Paris-Versailles race, I ran to support Children of the Mekong. That was an easy and quick move. I created an online fundraising page which I shared with people I know from work and outside work… and bam! The support was not only financial but also psychological and amicable. People were thrilled to be part of my project and together, we succeeded in sending 3 children to school for one year in Cambodia!”

Aperitif Dinner to support Children of the Mekong


“As an eye doctor, eye health means a lot to me. As I became an ambassador for Children of the Mekong, I wanted to talk to people around me about it, while linking it to my job so it could be more meaningful. So, I threw myself into launching this Nibbles and Drinks Party last September. I prepared nibbles and invited my friends and colleagues. I offered to participate in a fundraiser to help a visually impaired child centre in Vietnam. It was a huge success. The people invited were very generous (we doubled the amount of money expected!) All funds were channelled from Children of the Mekong to the centre for visually impaired children, in Ho Chi Minh City Suburb (Saigon).

Whether you are a foodie or into sports, there are many ways you can raise funds

Leaving party, a project to support Children of the MekongRound up your friends and family around a cooking challenge. The participants cook their best dishes. Or, they could cook a typical Asian dish! Your guests pay to taste each dish and cast their votes. This is an original and fun way to raise funds to help children go to school. Besides, as the organizer of the event, you will have the chance to try a lot of delicious dishes!



Are you a yoga instructor or tennis or dance teacher? Organise your own event where participants can donate to attend one of your lessons. 

When I Grow Up, Movie Poster

Would you host a movie screening at a local hall or at your place? Our 60th-anniversary film “When I Grow Up”  is the extraordinary adventure of 6 children in 6 different countries of Southeast Asia. You can sell tickets and snacks to support Asian children.

Challenge your friends and family to give up a daily beverage and donate the money they would have spent to support Southeastern Asian children. Ask them to share data showing the impact of their donations. Then encourage them to share it on social media!

Make your events unique by supporting Children of the Mekong. For your birthday, a farewell party or even your wedding, all occasions are worth getting involved!

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What are the different steps to follow?

Caroline, Xavier and their new born baby girl

Choose what kind of event you would like to do. It can be a friend, family, sporting or professional event. Every event can make a difference.

First Step
Leaving party, a project to support Children of the Mekong

Create your fundraising page in a few clicks. All you need is a photo, a short text to describe your event and your personal data.

Second Step
Gregoire participating in a sporting event for Children of the Mekong

Share the link with as many people as possible: your friends, your family, your co-workers, your neighbours and even your local shop!

Third Step
Aperitif Dinner to support Children of the Mekong

Make your event a reality and keep the participants posted on the actions supported by Children of the Mekong.

Fourth Step

Are you ready to take on the challenge? We are here to help!

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And you, what kind of fundraiser would you like to start to send children to school in Southeast Asia?

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