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Our development programmes, called “projects”, are organised to improve the living conditions of poor children. We then create an environment suitable for their education. For instance, this can be accomplished by building schools and boarding houses, providing access to drinking water, and purchasing school supplies.
To abide by Children of the Mekong’s standards of consistency and transparency, projects are chosen via a rigorous selection process based on five criteria:

  • Local initiative: A project is born from actual, on-the-ground needs.
  • Objective: Children of the Mekong ensures that the children’s living and studying conditions improve.
  • Sustainability: Children of the Mekong ensures that its projects continue in the long term.
  • Involvement: Children of the Mekong must be involved wherever a project is started to ensure serious, continuous supervision.
  • Local partnerships: Children of the Mekong ensures that the project’s partners (NGOs, companies, teachers, authorities and/or the church) share the same goals and ethos.

A project is chosen in order to give benefactors the assurance that their generosity is the actual answer to a need formulated by local stakeholders, and is put into action with efficiency to improve and facilitate education for Southeast Asian children in the long term.

Dok Chon

“Thank you for supporting us every day, for giving us the chance to be where we are. Without Children of the Mekong, I would not have been able to study.  I would surely be working in my village’s fields. I am going to do my best to succeed in my studies. You help us today, and later it will be my turn to help others in my society and in the world.”

Dok Chon, Sponsored Child of Children of the Mekong

Fondation Luciole

” ‘Fondation Luciole’ is a French family foundation created in 2013 with the goal to help finance projects centred around education, childhood and women. In 2014, I met the Children of the Mekong team from Asnières, France, and from there cooperation was born that continues year after year. Children of the Mekong is first and foremost a charitable organisation that knows the challenges faced by the countries in which it operates, all of them located in Southeast Asia. In 2015, we funded a school in Kok Mun, North Cambodia, and we were able to participate in its inauguration in December of the same year, noticing how much the “Bamboos” (the overseas volunteers) from Children of the Mekong were committed locally. In 2016, we funded the building of a boy’s youth house in Phrao, Northern Thailand. The volunteers’ seriousness in each country is a guarantee for success. Their drive and involvement command our respect. Children of the Mekong offers both real expertise in the problems each country is facing, as well as rigorous handling of the projects and a desire to help, train and make all of those children grow with benevolence. At Children of the Mekong, you really feel like part of a family.”

Marie-Laure Brenier, Founder of Fondation Luciole

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