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  • 162 sponsorship programmes
  • 4 education centres
  • 3,600 sponsored children
  • 17 overseas volunteers

Despite an increase in growth the past few years, the Philippines is experiencing an even larger divide between the rich and the poor, mass migration from rural areas to large cities (Manila, Cebu, etc.) and mass unemployment rates, the highest in the region of Southeast Asia.

Children of the Mekong’s child sponsorship programme supports street children, those who live in shantytowns as well as those living in rural and isolated areas. Many partnerships have been forged at a grassroots level with both religious and secular Filipino and international organisations.

  • 105 million inhabitants of which  55.8% live in rural areas
  • Official languages: Filipino (Tagalog), English, and 87 other languages and dialects
  • Currency: Filipino peso
  • Religions: Christians (90.2%), Muslims (5%)


In rural areas which are often affected by typhoons and other natural disasters, child sponsorship programme is the best way of helping families through hard times and curb migration to the shantytowns. Hundreds of children are sponsored in rural areas and slums.

Over the years, Children of the Mekong has developed education centres and boarding houses for students in the archipelago. An education centre is a place where students can take courses and additional lessons of all kinds that address the whole person’s development. Whereas a boarding house is somewhere the students can live while completed a training course. Children of the Mekong manages 4 education centres for University students (Cebu, Butuan, Tuguegarao, and Dumaguete).

Children of the Mekong also helps in emergencies, for example during the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan in 2013, when more than 1,000 houses and over 10 schools had to be rebuilt.

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Sponsor a child in the Philippines


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