Help break the cycle of poverty in Liboro, Philippines

In the small town of Liboro, Philippines, sponsorship has the possibility of transforming the lives of young people by sending them to school.

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Children of the Mekong proudly introduces its newest initiative in Liboro, nestled in the picturesque Bicol region of the Philippines. Established in 2024, our program aims to uplift the promising young minds of impoverished families by granting them access to quality education. Liboro, although rich in agricultural resources, grapples with significant rural poverty exacerbated by climatic uncertainties and natural calamities. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by providing comprehensive support to children from Grade 1 through university, nurturing not just their academic growth but also their personal development.

The Challenges Facing Families in Liboro

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Families rely primarily on agriculture, fishing, and low-skilled jobs as their source of income. However, the unpredictable nature of these professions, coupled with frequent typhoons and irrigation issues, renders livelihoods precarious. Many families live in conditions of great poverty, exacerbated by the fact that most farmers do not own the land they cultivate. As a result, children’s educational needs are put aside to support the rest of the family financially. Moreover, early marriages and large families further strain economic resources, perpetuating the cycle of poverty across generations.

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How Your Sponsorship Makes a Difference

Your sponsorship serves as a lifeline for families in Liboro, Philippines, ensuring that children have access to education and essential support. Through your generosity, we allocate sponsorship funds to cover a range of critical expenses:

  • Educational Essentials: From registration fees to transportation costs, your sponsorship ensures that children have the necessary tools to excel in their studies. School supplies, uniforms, and textbooks are provided, eliminating financial barriers to education.
  • Family Assistance: Beyond academics, sponsorship funds are used to address the basic needs of families, including food, clothing, and hygiene products. By alleviating financial strain, we create a conducive environment for children to focus on their education without the burden of hunger or want.
  • Health and Well-being: Your sponsorship facilitates access to medical care and supplements for families, promoting the overall health and well-being of sponsored children. By addressing health needs, we ensure that children can thrive both academically and physically.
  • Support Through Higher Education: As children progress through their academic journey, sponsorship funds are pooled to support them through high school and higher education. By bridging the gap between aspirations and financial constraints, we empower children to pursue their dreams without limitations.

Your sponsorship not only transforms the lives of individual children but also uplifts entire families and communities, paving the way for a brighter, more promising future. Join us in our mission to break the cycle of poverty and empower futures in Liboro, Philippines.

Local program manager Sponsorship programme Liboro
Myra Quibral Local program manager

Meet Myra Quibral, our dedicated local program manager. Myra has been a pillar of the community since 1996 through her role as a teacher in Liboro’s Elementary School. As a compassionate educator, Myra recognized the plight of underprivileged children and embarked on a mission to provide them with educational opportunities. With her dynamic leadership and unwavering commitment, Myra fosters a nurturing environment where sponsored children can thrive academically and personally.


As of February 2024, 10 children are waiting to be sponsored in Liboro.

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