The UK Board of Trustees

In the UK, Children of the Mekong is registered at the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Number 1116375). Our Board of Trustees is composed of 7 members, and they meet twice a year to review the accounts and decide the strategic orientation of the charity. The Trustees act as volunteers and receive no remuneration.

Camille has been a Trustee since July 2015 and is a chairwoman since 2023. Prior to this, she volunteered for Children of the Mekong US. She worked in Luxembourg and London in the asset management industry, as a product specialist for investment funds.

Camille Burgerhout Chairwoman

Jean-Marc has been involved in a number of non-profit organizations since 2004. He was an investment banker for 16 years before joining Alterfin as the General Manager. In 2011, he co-founded Children of the Mekong UK and has been chairman until 2023.

Jean-Marc Debricon Trustee

Andreas is the founder of Breakwater Capital Ltd. (BWC) an investment management firm exclusively focused on the maritime industry. He is Danish/Norwegian, has served in the Royal Danish Air force and has lived and worked in Asia, the US and Europe.

Andreas Povlsen Trustee

Anthony is a seasoned senior banker with truly global experience in his field and who has had an extensive portfolio of responsibilities in finance, financial services and associated industries over the course of his career.

Anthony Osijo Trustee

Part of the original team to open a permanent presence in the UK in 2011. Through her job at a major UK investment bank, Julia expanded child sponsorships, fundraising and volunteer participation in charity activities.

Julia Goh Trustee
Marcus Fedder

Marcus works as a board member in finance and is busy with a start-up in the medical sector, advisory work, writing and painting. He sponsors Children of the Mekong by selling his paintings

Marcus Fedder Trustee

Guillaume is the Director-General of Enfants du Mekong (EDM). As the only trustee who sits on the boards of both organisations, he ensures that our actions in the UK are aligned with EDM’s vision and mission.

Guillaume d’Aboville Trustee

Our Trustees tell us why they are committed to Children of the Mekong

THE French Board of Trustees (Conseil d'Administration)

In France, Enfants du Mékong is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901. It is composed of members and adherents, who meet in a General Assembly once a year and is managed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee which meet monthly. The members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee act as volunteers and receive no remuneration.

Alain Deblock Chairman
Romain Durrande Deputy Chairman
Yves Meaudre Deputy Chairman
Stanislas de Guigne Secretary
Hubert Paris Deputy Secretary
Tristan de Bodman Treasurer

In the USA

Children of the Mekong partners with Myriad USA, so American taxpayer can receive a tax receipt for their donations.

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