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  • 104 sponsorship programmes 
  • 2,600 sponsored children
  • 21 development programmes
  • 6 education centres
  • 1,540 students benefiting extra classes in our centres
  • 72 local employees
  • 15 overseas volunteers

Cambodia is still very rural and must deal with its great inequality as economic growth mainly benefits the urban population. The main issues faced are rural exodus and unemployment, as the traditional model of farming is threatened by the mechanisation of agriculture. Education is key to fight school dropout and provide work.

Since 2005, Children of the Mekong have been running child sponsorship programmes along with local supervisors. Child sponsorship provides individual support for sponsored children in remote areas to send them to school. Children of the Mekong either directly manages these programmes or partners with local organisations (Buddhism for development, Paris Foreign Missions…).

  • 16.2 million inhabitants (2017) of which 78.8% of the population resides in rural areas
  • Official language: Khmer
  • Currency: Cambodian riel
  • Main religion: 96.9% Buddhist
  • Literacy rate: 72.2%

Our overseas volunteers team up with sixty Cambodian employees and 80 Khmer teachers. They are responsible for monitoring the academics and social support for the sponsored children. Since 1993, Children of the Mekong has opened 4 education centres in North West Cambodia (equipped with boarding houses) mainly for dealing with the problem of school dropouts which is rampant near the border with Thailand.

In Phnom Penh, the Doctor Christophe Merieux centre trains University students in view of their entrance into the employment market. Students are also offered holistic training on self-development helping them to embrace the world and settle into the wider society. We believe that the young people we support can be role models for their countries tomorrow. Children of the Mekong also partners with several organisations (Salabai, CKN, Don Bosco…) and local businesses to develop the children’s academic path and integration into society. 

In addition to the above, Children of the Mekong supports access to education through the construction or renovation of schools in villages in conjunction with child sponsorship programmes.

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Sponsor a child in Cambodia

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