Vision and ethics


Poor and suffering children can be models of responsibility for their countries.


Providing education, training and support, we help children and young people to improve their standard of living and to grow intellectually, emotionally and morally.

We accompany children as far as possible according to their abilities, their desires and until their professional integration.


  • Respect for all – regardless of circumstances, culture or religion
  • Build Trust in the communities we serve
  • The meeting, the exchange, the bond that is woven from person to person
  • Concrete and humble action
  • Long term loyalty


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Children of the Mekong is founded on a Christian conception of mankind as defined by its founder. In so doing, Children of the Mekong is committed in its actions to abide by this moral teaching. Children of the Mekong is a charitable organisation. The only authority on which it depends is laid down by its statutes. Children of the Mekong welcomes all those with good intentions who respect the standards designated by its founder. Children of the Mekong helps all children struggling with difficult circumstances irrespective of their religious or philosophical affiliation.

Children of the Mekong assesses the best actors for providing reliable aid, developing a productive approach, people of goodwill, pagodas, parishes, and religious communities.

We take the time to listen, to observe, to care before helping in order to adapt the action to the realities on the ground and to decentralise our operations in favour of local actors.

Founding principles of Children of the Mekong

  • To see a unique individual in every suffering child and respond in the best way to his/her needs.
  • To support a structured and individualised educational project so as to help each child or each youth to overcome their academic, as well as, emotional and moral shortcomings, and allow him/her to shape their personality.
  • To develop a personal and amicable relationship between the ‘sponsor’ and the ‘sponsored child’ they financially support and guide throughout his/her schooling and vocational training or university.

Download Children of the Mekong’s registration document at the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

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Our educational project

  • A non-elitist but a targeted approach which takes into consideration the child’s, and his/her family’s, poverty, motivation, and capacity to learn
  • A double objective: to acquire knowledge and skills, but also to shape rounded individuals
  • Professional integration, to assure the youths that we help are in a position to fulfil their needs as well as those of their family and become responsible actors concerned with the common good within their community.

Our commitments in action

  • To continue to do, with ever-increasing rigour, the thorough work which allows a child to grow up with dignity and become himself or herself, a responsible individual concerned with developing a spirit of community and solidarity around themselves
  • To respond with skill and resourcefulness to the new needs of children and youths with whom we take action:
      • To guide them on a sustainable professional project and to the fullest of their abilities, which will allow them to live and be fulfilled with respect for the common good
      • Encourage and promote the creation and the development of small businesses to enrich the local economy in rural areas

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Our approach

Our development programmes (schools, boarding houses…)

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Sponsoring a child is a concrete and effective way to help the poorest children go to school. More than 23,400 children are sponsored by Children of the Mekong.

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Our organisation




It reflects the observance of principles to which we are attached:

  • The free and authentic commitment of those who allow us to act concretely
  • The local integration of initiatives we support, always carried out and developed by local actors engaged in the service of the poorest children and youths
  • The close and friendly relationship which we cultivate to enliven and build our network of donors and volunteers

Our commitments regarding our sponsors and donors

To respect the wishes of the sponsor or donor as to the use of the funds which he/she gives to the Children of the Mekong.

To keep them informed:

  • Respond to questions concerning the operation and the financial transparency of the organisation
  • Follow-up on the progress and development of programmes and actions which we support
  • Regularly send news on the sponsored child (letters from the child, letters to the sponsors,…)
  • Regularly send news about the organisation (magazines, annual financial reports, newsletters,…) unless the sponsor or donor requests to not receive any
  • Introduce and increase knowledge about the means, life, and culture of the peoples of Southeast Asia/ Increased awareness of the life situation and the needs of the children we help.

To advise:

  • Each sponsor on his/her individual progress and his/her exchanges with the sponsored child
  • Each donor, according to his/her project